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The Legend Of Korra Character You Likely Forgot Anne Heche Played

Many people regard "Avatar: The Last Airbender" as the best animated show ever. As such, "The Legend of Korra," a follow-up series that premiered on Nickelodeon in 2012, was always going to be unfairly judged by viewers who expected the show to live up to the lofty standards set by its parent series. That said, regardless of how one feels about "The Legend of Korra," no one can deny that the series brought in some top-notch actors to lend their voice talents to the proceedings.

"The Legend of Korra" takes place following the events depicted on "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and followed the magical adventures of the titular character (Janet Varney), the successor of Aang who was tasked with protecting the world. Much like its predecessor, the sequel series tackled weighty social themes and explored fantastical concepts. However, as Vox chronicled, the show was hampered by complicated behind-the-scenes issues and a fan base that wasn't willing to accept a female hero throughout its four-season run.

The fantasy series ended in 2014, so some viewers might have forgotten about the performers who graced the voice cast throughout the years. "Cobra Kai" star Jacob Bertrand played a character on "The Legend of Korra" at one point, as did "Another World" alumni Anne Heche.

Anne Heche had a recurring role on The Legend of Korra

Anne Heche appeared in 14 episodes of "The Legend of Korra." Per IMDb, she voiced Suyin Beifong, the leader of Zaofu whose family members include fan-favorite characters such as Toph Beifong and Lin. She was the wife of an architect named Baatar, with whom she created and built the aforementioned city-state.

Known for her carefree personality and wide array of talents, Suyin had a knack for dancing metalbending. More than anything, though, she was a dedicated mother who loved her family more than anything. These qualities made her a favorite character among some portions of the show's base — certain fans, such as Redditor u/Re_ChainofAqua, even stated that she's "underrated" and deserved more recognition. 

While family meant the world to Suyin, it's worth noting that she didn't get along with every member of her clan. For example, she had a longstanding rivalry with Lin dating back to their younger years, which stemmed from Suyin scarring her half-sister's cheek in an act of self-defense.