How Batman V Superman Could Reveal Suicide Squad Clues

Two movies from DC Films, both set in the same universe, are set to debut in 2016. There's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with a premiere of March 25, followed by Suicide Squad on August 5. Despite all the hype that's gone into promoting Suicide Squad, fans still have lots of questions about what we'll see in the movie. Since Batman v Superman hits theaters first, we might get an early glimpse at Deadshot, Harley, and the new Joker there. Here are the biggest clues about Suicide Squad that are likely to be revealed in Batman v Superman...

Joker's history

First and foremost, it's been pretty clear from the first Batman v Superman trailer that Batman has a history with the Joker. He's shown looking at some old, damaged Robin costume that has a very Joker-esque message spray painted on it. Bruce Wayne references the Joker as the reason he doesn't trust "clowns in costumes" in a later trailer, so clearly he has some bad memories of the Clown Prince of Crime. It seems like Joker will be locked up at the start of Suicide Squad, so it seems like a safe bet we'll find out just how Joker ended up behind bars in Batman V Superman. Maybe we'll even get explanations for his weird tattoos and grill. It's possible that Batman beat the Joker up so bad that he had to get the damaged tattooed on his forehead as a literal label. Most likely, we'll just find out about the scope of this Joker's machinations. Is he like a classic version of the character, that's more into robbing banks? Is he closer to the darker interpretations, where he's really just glorified serial killer? Dawn of Justice will likely offer some clues to that, but hopefully it'll also offer some sort of reason for the over-the-top redesign.

The world's knowledge of metahumans

One thing that's unclear about this new DC Cinematic Universe is whether or not the world's population is aware of super powered humans. When Superman shows up in Man of Steel, people are pretty accepting of a man flying around in a cape, but no other heroes are ever mentioned. Ben Affleck's Batman, however, apparently has a long history in Gotham City by the time Batman v Superman starts, so it's clear that Superman isn't the first costumed adventurer. In the trailers for Suicide Squad, the dialogue makes it seem like even government officials are unsure of where they stand on super powers. They talk about rumors of special abilities, which is weird considering half of cast of the movie has crazy super powers. There's a literal human crocodile on the team, so why are people so confused about special abilities? This should all be cleared up in Batman V Superman. Superman clearly isn't the first superhero, but he might be the first publicly visible one.

Amanda Waller's influence

In the comics, Amanda Waller is kind of like a tougher version of Nick Fury. Unlike her Marvel counterpart, she doesn't have a lot of love for the super powered community. She will, however, take advantage of metahumans in order to get her job done, hence the formation of the Suicide Squad. Her film version is, so far, fairly mysterious. It's been revealed that she's someone of some importance, and she's in charge of locking away the worst of worst, and throwing them in holes they'll never escape. It's also been revealed that Superman's actions in Man of Steel have made the government wary of super powered people, especially if they're going to get into fist fights that destroy entire city blocks. Batman v Superman will most likely give some backstory to either Waller, or at the very least the government agency that she works for. We'll either see the formation of this specific agency, or we'll see it already in action.

Arkham Asylum

It's been confirmed that Batman comics' famous home for crazy criminals will play a part in Suicide Squad. Since Batman v Superman takes place partly in Gotham, it seems likely that Arkham will appear at some point. It'll probably be revealed which Suicide characters are already locked up, and which are still on the loose. It'll be a good opportunity to reveal which of the villains already have a history with the building. Has Captain Boomerang stayed at Arkham before? Have they analyzed his love of boomerangs already? The big thing that this could reveal is whether or not the government is even trying to help the criminally insane in this world. Getting a glimpse of Arkham will show the audience whether or not it's an actual asylum, or just some hell-hole full of villain themed prison cells. Making special cells for guys like Mr. Freeze, Clayface, and Manbat has to be torture on the budget, which explains why villains are escaping all the time. It could also help set up the idea that government has given up reforming these characters, and that's why they're more interested in taking advantage of their abilities.

The government's use of meta humans

Also, Batman v Superman will definitely reveal the government's relationship with super powers. Is congress yelling at Superman because he made a big mess of Metropolis, or are they just mad that he's not working with them? Even if the public seems unaware of meta humans, the government should know about them. Knowing their stance on these characters will help inform the plot of Suicide Squad. If super powered agents are already in the field, then sending villains out on missions seems like a good opportunity for bad guys to reform themselves. However, if the government is only just now becoming aware of these characters, then this move seems more desperate. Is Suicide Squad just a last ditch move by a scared government agency, or is already normal for the army to work with people wearing outlandish costumes and using crazy nicknames?

Supervillain rivalries

Mainly, Batman v Superman will reveal the biggest detail that DC Films fans want to know. Most of the characters in Suicide Squad are Batman villains, but there are a couple that are from the broader DC universe. Does Captain Boomerang have a history with Flash already? Are the Teen Titans an active team in this world? Just by revealing the nature of superheroes, Batman v Superman will be revealing a lot about the characters from Suicide Squad. Up to this point, have all these people with special abilities just been running around without hero and villain codenames and costumes? Did Boomerang wait until he saw Superman on TV to pick a theme for his crimes? Was Killer Croc just a guy with a skin condition, and Joker a weirdo in makeup? Do villains pair up with specific heroes in this world? Do they have the mindset of "when I get out of here, I'm coming straight after (insert random superhero name)?" Basically, is Suicide Squad taking a group of super villains and forming a team, or are they taking criminals and creating these new identities for them? Batman v Superman will reveal where this world stands on that.