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Harry Potter Fans Always Laugh At This Movie Quote That Wasn't In The Books

The "Harry Potter" movie franchise is well known for being surprisingly faithful to the source material. It's almost as if allowing the original author to be a part of the creative team will achieve results that resonate with the fan base. Wild, huh? That being said, even with such a steadfast relationship between the different variations, they are not exact copies of each other. "Harry Potter" had many storylines from the books that disappeared from or were otherwise cut short in the movies. In turn, the films find clever ways to take long-form, complex pieces of media and condense them into easily digestible visuals. 

Some of these ideas come from new dialogue that never appeared in the novels. In this way, the unethical Rita Skeeter (Miranda Richardson), a reporter for The Daily Prophet (think magical New York Times), gets to say some hilarious, out-of-pocket stuff, and fans still relish it. Here's what she said to Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) that has audiences chuckling. 

Rita Skeeter alludes to Harry's abysmal childhood bedroom

In a subreddit dedicated to "Harry Potter," u/blvackwitchery shared, "This line of Rita's from the movie [Goblet of Fire] that isn't in the books always makes me laugh." They go on to share a brief conversation between Rita Skeeter and the Boy Who Lived just as they enter a broom cupboard for a one-on-one interview. Rita says, "This is cozy," to which Harry replies, "Uh, it's a broom cupboard." Then, delivering a brutal jab, Rita brings it home with, "You should feel right at home, then." 

While we probably shouldn't have to explain why this particular dig is so notably cruel, there may be someone out there who's yet to consume Potter-themed media, so here's a quick rundown. Harry Potter spent his first eleven years living in a broom cupboard. That's it. His family, the Dursleys, are comprised exclusively of vicious and selfish people. In the words of Professor McGonagall (Maggie Smith), "They're the worst sort of Muggles imaginable." 

Harry never really talks about his time with the Dursleys at Hogwarts, so it further shows how invasive Rita Skeeter is. As readers or viewers will know, Rita Skeeter proves herself to be a literal fly (or a beetle) on the wall in spaces she has no right to be, and that's how she gets dirt for her trashy gossip articles. Simultaneously, Miranda Richardson portrays Skeeter so well that even her cruel digs are delivered with hilarious pizazz.