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A Quiet Place Teaser Trailer Is Eerily Silent

Prepare for a whole new spin on the term "silent but deadly."

Paramount unveiled a teaser for the horror flick A Quiet Place, and even the slightest sound at this secluded farm will apparently bring unbelievable terror. 

Co-written and directed by John Krasinski (The Office), the film centers on a family who have adapted to a completely silent existence in order to keep a supernatural threat away. But that all changes with the accidental drop of a lantern. 

Krasinski stars in the flick alongside his real-life wife Emily Blunt. Millicent Simmonds (Wonderstruck) and Noah Jupe (Suburbicon) play their kids.

It's not the first time Krasinski has directed: he helmed three episodes of The Office between 2010 and 2012 and directed last year's comedy-drama The Hollars with Sharlto Copley, Anna Kendrick, and Charlie Day.

Paramount will release A Quiet Place on April 6, 2018.