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The King Of The Hill Character You Likely Forgot Macho Man Randy Savage Played

"Macho Man" Randy Savage needs no introduction. Anyone who grew up watching wrestling in the '80s and '90s will remember him as one of the most charismatic performers to ever step foot in the squared circle. Per Wrestling Inc, the WWE Hall of Famer held multiple world titles in America's biggest promotions, while also demonstrating a gift for the gab that's arguably unparalleled to this day.

That said, Savage's legacy encompasses more than pro wrestling. He was also a rapper who famously bodied Hulk Hogan with the track "Be a Man," in which he threatened to kick his former Mega Powers tag team partner in the butt and wash his mouth out with soap. Of course, superhero fans will fondly remember his cameo in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man," playing a wrestler named Bonesaw who intimidated the titular web-slinger in front of a roaring crowd.

If there's one thing that differentiated Savage from other wrestlers, rappers, and actors, it was his distinct voice. However, he didn't do a lot of voiceover work, so some viewers might not remember hearing him in an episode of the animated sitcom "King of the Hill."

Randy Savage played an aggressive bodybuilder on King of the Hill

Randy Savage put his tough-guy qualities to good use when he graced Mike Judge's "King of the Hill." The Season 11 episode, titled "Bill, Bulk, and the Bodybuilders," sees Bill (Stephen Root) team up with a group of obnoxiously aggressive bodybuilders in an effort to into shape for an Army physical. Unfortunately, the muscle men's bad attitude rubs off on Bill, as his new physique turns him into an egotistical jerk.

Savage's character, Gorilla, is one of the bodybuilders who helps Bill become a ripped wrecking machine. The character isn't as flamboyant as Savage's wrestling persona, but he does boast some similar fashion trademarks, including a goatee and a colorful bandana.

Much like Savage during interviews on WWE and WCW television back in the day, Gorilla also has a knack for uttering memorable catchphrases. In one scene, he encourages Bill to overcome his pain threshold by shouting "no agony, no braggony." One can only assume that Savage was allowed to come up with his own dialogue for the show, as that phrase wouldn't have sounded out of place in one of his infamous wrestling promos.