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Daniel Kaluuya's Response To Logan Paul's Criticism Of Nope Is Just Perfect

While "Nope" may have raked in an impressive $100 million at the box office in advance of its reaching a worldwide release (via Box Office Mojo), one audience member in particular was quick to voice their opinions of what they didn't like about Jordan Peele's latest big-screen outing. Social media celebrity and new WWE star Logan Paul expressed his disappointment with "Nope" on Twitter, which received an immense kickback from fans of the film.

The host of the podcast "Impaulsive" described the movie as "one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time" before going into a breakdown of what he deemed on the whole as "objectively slow and confusing" (via Twitter). After the massively successful "Get Out" and "Us," Peele's third directorial effort left Paul with several questions and one issue he had with the film's lead. "Way to strip all the life from a phenomenal actor, Daniel Kaluuya, by casting him as possibly the most mundane, vanilla character I've ever seen," Paul tweeted. "Not a question I'm just p***sed."

While the old saying suggests that everyone is a critic, the feedback from this particular one got back to Kaluuya himself. His reaction to the disappointed viewer whose own past film credits have reached no higher than 58% on Rotten Tomatoes was carefully worded. It also left the Oscar-winning star playing around with the prospect of having a sit-down with the world-famous YouTuber.

Daniel Kaluuya doesn't get why Logan Paul's verdict matters

While appearing on Capital FM, Daniel Kaluuya discussed Logan Paul's critique of his latest critically acclaimed collaboration with Jordan Peele (who recently called the actor "his De Niro") and expressed not understanding why it was getting attention. "Why is his opinion top of the tree?" he asked. "Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but what's he done in cinema? Imagine if they asked me about Eric Clapton."

Kaluuya was quick to acknowledge that criticism, constructive or not, is a permanent fixture in the business he's in. "I'd take everyone's opinion on ... I'll listen to it, but I'm just going, 'I don't know why you over everybody else.'" However, when thrown the idea of taking the chance to find out why Paul wasn't a fan of his latest film, Kaluuya was in two minds. "I'm happy to sit down with him," he said before rethinking. "Actually, would I sit down with him? Nah, actually, that defeats the point. I wouldn't sit down with him." So it's a nope on that too, then?