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The Heartfelt Way Jackass Has Been Able To Help Fans

For over two decades, the crew behind "Jackass" has been inspiring full-bellied laughter in millions. A group of friends coming up with the most outlandish stunts and elaborate schemes that are sure to end in extreme amounts of pain is nothing short of entertaining for audiences at home that don't have to deal with the bruises and broken bones. Watching the chaos unfold without the impending injuries and undoubtedly astronomical emergency room bills is all a part of the show's appeal. The series began in 2000 with faces like Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, and Jason "Wee Man" Acuña, and since then, the stunts, antics, and comedic interactions among the cast have brought joy to viewers ... and raised controversy due to concerns that viewers, mostly younger ones, might attempt the dangerous activities.

Raising controversy is far from the most terrible thing the cast of "Jackass" has ever done, but on the other hand, they've done some good for a lot of people, too. It's difficult to imagine a franchise that's been around as long as "Jackass" not accomplishing the feat of bringing joy to audiences. Still, fans recently opened up a discussion on just how exactly "Jackass" has helped them throughout their lives.

Jackass has helped plenty of fans through some tough times in their lives

In a Reddit thread started by u/SquareBiscotti4694, fans sounded off on the topic of whether "Jackass" has helped them through heartbreaks and other personal challenges. The original poster started by sharing a heartfelt personal story detailing how the most recent franchise installment, 2022's "Jackass Forever," helped them get past a difficult breakup. Other users commented on the thread expressing how, in one way or another, "Jackass" has helped them through a tough spot in their life. One user reflected on the reasoning for "Jackass" providing such a sense of comfort when they added, "It feels like hanging out with old friends, and that helps."

While the ridiculousness of the franchise might make some believe that there isn't much of a deep connection between the "Jackass" crew and the fans. Johnny Knoxville pointed out in an interview published in The Guardian that he's always cared for fans of the show and movies. "I didn't really care about the moral outrage, but I didn't like when we would have copycat incidents, and kids would get hurt," he said. The moral outrage surrounding "Jackass" came from people who seem to believe that the elaborate stunts pulled off by the cast and crew aren't quality or enjoyable content, though millions seem to disagree. While there's a good chance there are still plenty of untold truths regarding "Jackass," one truth not untold is that no matter the content, fans will find comfort in their favorite franchises.