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The Staggering Number Of Hours Netflix Subscribers Have Spent Watching Purple Hearts Since Its Debut

Popular works of literature have been undergoing transformations into Netflix originals for a while now. In 2020, the streamer gave its subscribers "Enola Holmes," adapted from the Nancy Springer book series "The Enola Holmes Mysteries," and more recently, there was 2022's "The Gray Man," which was adapted from the novel of the same name by Mark Greaney. "Purple Hearts," which was released on July 29, is one of the most recent of these Netflix original adaptations. 

The movie is based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Tess Wakefield and stars Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine as the unlikely romantic pair. Cassie (Carson) is a singer and songwriter who struggles to pay her medical debt that's accrued from her diabetes, while Luke (Galitzine) has his own financial struggles and dark past to deal with. The two wed out of mutual benefit, and even though they don't initially get along, a tragedy during Luke's deployment brings them together. 

The movie's heartfelt portrayal of enemies to lovers has clearly resonated with Netflix subscribers, as the movie racked up an incredible amount of viewing hours since its debut. 

Purple Hearts is currently towering over other Netflix movies

As of the time of writing, "Purple Hearts" sits at the very prominent No. 1 spot on the Netflix Global Top 10 list with over 102.59 million viewing hours for the week of August 1-7. And that's not even to mention the over 48.23 million viewing hours it logged during its first weekend on the streaming service. 

To put those numbers in perspective, "The Gray Man" debuted with an astonishing 88.55 million hours of viewing time, and then climbed to 96.47 million hours in its second week on the streamer. It's quite impressive, but neither weekly viewing number tops the hours logged by viewers of "Purple Hearts" in this past week. The last time a movie logged more viewing hours in a single week was the 152.29 million hours of "Don't Look Up" that Netflix users watched during the week of December 27, 2021 to January 2, 2022.  

Netflix subscribers are all in on this love story, whether it be for the romance, the music, or the military aspect. The incredible number of viewing hours may even continue to climb as more people learn of the film's release.