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Why Some Deadliest Catch Fans Are Still Confused About Josh Harris' Role On The Show

Reality television is usually full of loud personalities, tense situations, and the comfort of knowing that, as a viewer, it can all be experienced from the comfort of your couch. Discovery's "Deadliest Catch" has achieved all of this and more since it first aired in 2005. The series follows several different crews and boats as they face the harsh waters of the Bering Sea in search of Alaskan king crab.

Reality television or not, working on "Deadliest Catch" is an even tougher job than you think. The waters are unforgiving, and both the fishermen and the camera crews put themselves at risk each time they go out to document the events that kick off a crab's journey from sea to table. Often times finding and keeping a good crew can be difficult since the job isn't exactly for the faint of heart. Nevertheless, there are several long-term faces on "Deadliest Catch" whose stories fans have followed for many seasons. The show has earned itself a large and loyal following over the years, and audiences have their favorites among the captains and crew members. Lately, however, one "Deadliest Catch" regular, Josh Harris, has fans confused about his role on the show.

Fans believe that Josh Harris is only on the boat to collect a check

A Reddit thread started by u/robertgoulet1 calls out "Deadliest Catch" captain Josh Harris by saying, "I was curious to know if anyone else agrees that Josh Harris is basically along for the ride and collects a check. Casey does everything. Thoughts?" The caption is referring to Casey McManus, who captains the Cornelia Marie boat along with Harris. McManus took Harris under his wing to train as a skipper after Harris inherited the Cornelia Marie. The two men are also business partners.

While many Reddit users speculated just what Harris does, u/steele1998 came to his defense when they said, "I think people are too hard on Josh. He was a deckhand who very suddenly was thrusted into boat ownership, and that's not an easy thing." Harris inherited his boat, Cornelia Marie, after his father, "Deadliest Catch mainstay Captain Phil Harris, passed away in 2010. However, the memory of Phil Harris remains a significant part of the show.

Fans might remain confused and torn on what exactly Josh Harris does on the show aside from owning his boat, but his passion for the job is strong, even though he's had his moments of doubt. In an interview with Fox News, Harris was asked if he had ever come close to not pursuing a career in fishing, to which he replied, "Oh, every day — every day — especially after I lost my dad. I resented fishing for quite some time." So what got Phil Harris back into the swing of things? He attributes his newfound dedication to the craft to the Hillstrands for picking him up and giving him the motivation to keep at it. It's clear from this that Harris wants to be part of this way of life for more than just a paycheck.