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The Internet Can't Stop Roasting Pennyworth Season 3's New Title

The character of Batman has proved to be one of the most valuable assets in the entire DC wheelhouse. Having appeared in several movies, television shows, video games, and, of course, comic books, the aptly nicknamed Dark Knight proves that with enough training and focus (and not to mention money), an ordinary person can be a superhero who stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Superman.

To further drive home the point of how popular Batman and his supporting cast are, just think of all of the spin-off shows that follow Bat-adjacent characters. In recent years we've gotten the likes of "Gotham," "Pennyworth," and "Batwoman," among others. The HBO Max series "Pennyworth" is actually the origin story of Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon), a SAS agent turned famous butler for the Wayne family and ersatz father figure to Bruce Wayne. Originally premiering in July 2019, "Pennyworth" has released a new trailer that brings with it a new subtitle for the show's Season 3, and it definitely has invoked more than a few chuckles from denizens of the internet.

Fans wonder why a redundant subtitle was added to Season 3 of Pennyworth

The above trailer for "Pennyworth" Season 3 is adorned with classic 1960s vibes. Alfred is seen interacting with allies, punching enemies, and escaping danger — or basically everything he ends up doing later while working and taking care of Bruce Wayne. Joking aside, the trailer reveals a surprising subtitle tacked onto this new season, with the show now apparently titled "Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman's Butler." It is that addition that has fans in an absolute frenzy.

Taking to Twitter, @fangly_fish pointed out the painfully obvious subtitle by writing, "PENNYWORTH: THE ORIGINS OF BATMAN'S BUTLER, WHO IS A KIND OF DOMESTIC SERVANT TYPICALLY HIRED TO ASSIST OR DIRECT THE MANAGEMENT OF A LARGE MANOR OR ESTATE." Others also made similar jokes, with @TheQuiver_ sarcastically saying, "Thanks for the clarification ..." 

Meanwhile, @Srirachachau wondered what kind of person would have watched the first two seasons of "Pennyworth" without making the connection, and @Onemario1234 said that the original name didn't need to be added to before pointing out, "Imagine if they renamed 'Gotham' to 'Gotham City: The City Batman Protects.'" Podcast host @RyanHiggansRyan even added, "I'm so sorry for everyone on the team of Pennyworth that had to sit and listen to marketing force them to add a subtitle to the name." 

Needless to say, it seems as if "Pennyworth" fans aren't exactly keen on the new addition to the title of the show, and wonder what the reasoning behind it was. For their sake, let's hope this doesn't signal a new naming convention trend for Warner Bros. Discovery.