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The One Prop Lucifer's Tom Ellis Would Have Loved To Keep From The Show

From the glitzy streets of Los Angeles and the burning fires of Hell, "Lucifer" features quite a few evocative locals over the course of its six seasons. These dynamic settings, as well as the show's tendency to place fantastical elements smack-dab in the middle of otherwise realistic locations, ensures that pretty much every scene has some sort of eye candy to peek at. Even beyond the CGI used in "Lucifer," quite a few of the locations frequented by the titular Lord of Hell (played by Tom Ellis) and his companions, such as his very own penthouse, are filled to the brim with cool physical props that any "Lucifer" fan could only dream of adding to their collection.

A common custom across many productions in film and television is for the starring actors to take home a piece of memorabilia from the show as a souvenir when the project finishes up. For Ellis, there's one prop in particular that the actor had his eyes set on when "Lucifer" finally came to a close, but he ultimately wasn't allowed to keep. While it may at first seem like an unconventional pick, it makes a surprising amount of sense when considering the star's role in the series.

Ellis wanted Lucifer's car

One of Lucifer's prized possessions in the series is his jet-black 1962 Chevrolet Corvette, a striking vehicle that fits the Lord of Hell's aesthetic to a tee. As it turns out, Tom Ellis loves the car just as much as his character. "If I could keep one thing from the set, it would be Lucifer's car," Ellis responded to a fan-asked question in an interview with IMDb. "Unfortunately, that didn't happen."

Season 6 of "Lucifer" sees the Devil's daughter Rory Morningstar (Brianna Hildebrand) inherit the Corvette. However, with the TV series in the rearview mirror, the actual fate of the automobile is a bit more up in the air. "I believe it will probably be held at Warner Brothers, because Warner Brothers own the show," Ellis said in a "Lucifer" panel hosted by Creation Entertainment (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet) "There is a Warner Bros. studio tour that happens, and it's part of that Warner Bros. studio tour. I believe there is a motor museum part of that tour where the Batmobile is and the Mystery Machine from 'Scooby-Doo' — I believe is there as well. I wonder whether Lucifer's Corvette might be there as well."

However, Ellis' dream of owning the Corvette isn't dead. The "Lucifer" star said during the panel that he would be interested in purchasing the car if it's ever auctioned off. Only time will tell whether the actor will ever get another chance to ride in the Devil's trusty black chariot.

Ellis got to keep a different prop

Though Tom Ellis may not have been fortunate enough to bring Lucifer's Corvette home with him after the ending of "Lucifer," he did actually get to keep an entirely different prop from the series. In an interview with IMDb, the actor revealed that he managed to snag the ancient tusk relic prop frequently seen on display in the protagonist's penthouse suite. "It's got lots of intricate carvings on it, and, then, at the very end, it doesn't look like the end of a tusk," Ellis said. "It looks like something else, and we used it a lot when we were playing practical jokes on each other."

For those worrying that the innuendo-tinged tusk may actually be a real historical artifact or may have even been sourced from an actual animal, Ellis put those fears to rest via an interview with Collider. "It looks like an elephant tusk, but I can guarantee you that it isn't," the actor said. "It's plastic, otherwise I definitely wouldn't have taken it home."

While a small plastic tusk prop may be considerably less flashy than a fully-functioning vintage vehicle, it's nice to know that Ellis obtained at least one piece of "Lucifer" memorabilia to remember the show by.