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Why Nick Stahl And Robert Patrick Didn't Talk About Terminator On The Set Of What Josiah Saw - Exclusive

Since the first "Terminator" came out in 1984, the franchise has ballooned to six films, featuring an abundance of star-making turns by the likes of Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But aside from the Terminator himself, two of the most memorable faces from the films are arguably Robert Patrick, who played the shape-shifting T-1000 in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," and Nick Stahl, who took over the role of John Connor in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines."

Now, both Patrick and Stahl are starring in a new psychological horror movie together, "What Josiah Saw," which is currently streaming exclusively on Shudder. In it, Stahl plays Eli Graham, the estranged son of Josiah (Patrick) who lives a deeply troubled life before returning to the remote farmhouse where he grew up to confront long-buried secrets and sins of the past.

Surprisingly, Patrick and Stahl only met for the first time right before shooting started. But despite each of them starring in the "Terminator" franchise, the two actors never discussed their shared experience — and, during an exclusive interview with Looper, Stahl explained why they didn't feel the need to bring up the past.

Stahl wanted to 'keep it current' when working with Patrick

In addition to the "Terminator" franchise, Patrick and Stahl both guest starred in the "Walking Dead" world — Patrick on the original series while Stahl was on spin-off "Fear the Walking Dead." Yet the two actors talked about neither on the set of "What Josiah Saw."

"We didn't talk about 'Terminator,' and in fact, I didn't actually know that he was on 'The Walking Dead,'" says Stahl, adding, "We kept it current. We were very into the material we were doing."

As for working with Patrick, Stahl had nothing but generous things to say about his co-star. "I had a great time working with him," says Stahl. "He's always been an actor I've admired and looked up to. He's amazing in the movie, and everyone seems to agree. I'm really glad he's getting so much notice from this because he's a great actor. He always has been."

"What Josiah Saw" is now streaming exclusively on Shudder.