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The 2022 Emmy Awards Just Found The Perfect First-Time Host

Next month, TV fans and awards show addicts will sit down in front of the 2022 Emmy Awards to see which shows and performers were the best of the best (as well as who'll join the rankings of the biggest snubs in Emmy history). If you're familiar with awards shows, you know that they can live and die by their hosts, who are responsible for keeping the show moving between announcing winners and their acceptance speeches.

The ideal Emmy Awards show host is funny, charismatic, charming, quick on their feet, and competent at the esoteric arts of live television. Some past hosts have filled those niches better than others. Still, now the show's producers have decided to go in a new direction with a host who's never performed the duties before. With the official announcement, fans have reason to be optimistic about what it means for the entertainment value of the broadcast.

SNL vet Kenan Thompson is the 2022 Emmys host

The man in question is Kenan Thompson, a former Nickelodeon star turned "Saturday Night Live" vet, who The Hollywood Reporter says will be hosting the 2022 Emmy Awards on his longtime NBC network home.

In his press statement on getting the job, Thompson refers to that long relationship between himself and the network. "Being a part of this incredible evening where we honor the best of the television community is ridiculously exciting, and to do it on NBC — my longtime network family — makes it even more special," said the comedian, before affirming that he too is excited to see who wins and who loses on the fateful night. "Like all TV fans, I can't wait to see the stars from my favorite shows."

The news comes as Thompson is about to start his 20th season as one of the best cast members on "SNL," and his two-season NBC sitcom "Kenan" was canceled.

Tune in to NBC and the Peacock app to check out the 2022 Emmy Awards on Monday, September 12.