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Why Some Rick And Morty Fans Want You To Stop Hating On Jerry

Jerry Smith (Chris Parnell) is the butt of countless jokes on "Rick and Morty," and he's probably both the show's and fans' favorite character to roast. This is mostly because although he might actually seem like a normal person in a different context, he appears ridiculous when compared to the spectrum of evil genius embodied by the rest of his family.

Usually, while Rick and Morty (both voiced by Justin Roiland) are off on some inter-dimensional mission and Beth (Sarah Chalke) is performing surgery on horses or exploring space, Jerry is doing some normal, peaceful activity like baking muffins or gardening. This makes him seem silly compared to everyone around him and even sillier since he doesn't seem to have the self-awareness to understand this. Jerry is also a bit of a man-child and is nonconfrontational, hesitant to fight back against the bullying he endures from Rick and others.

Fans have their specific reasons for picking on the character. On Reddit, u/Yrguiltyconscience mentioned that Jerry's deep need to be respected, coupled with his laziness and refusal to do anything to earn respect, is why he's "a POS" (although the user also appreciates his presence on the show). Redditor u/tmehrkens added that many fans dislike Jerry because they perceive him as weak, needy, and/or stupid, arguing that fans hate him because he's the opposite of Rick, and fans love Rick. Or perhaps fans hate Jerry because Rick hates Jerry. However, some fans think it's time to stop hating on the character, and they offer some valid points.

Why Jerry deserves some love

On Reddit, u/BigBrainerFaith argued that fans should stop hating on Jerry because, other than Rick, he is perhaps the most laugh-inducing character on the show. Jerry is definitely hilarious, whether the audience is laughing with him or at him. Ironically, this is the same reason why the aliens in Season 5, Episode 5, "Amortycan Grickfitti," love hanging out with the would-be patriarch of the Smith family: They get a lot of laughs by watching him embarrass himself and then mocking him, praising his "delicious lack of awareness" and "oafish need to be liked" because he provides them with quality entertainment.

Redditor u/IndependentGoodman added, "Without Jerry the show sucks." Although the series constantly roasts him, "Rick and Morty" fans can't help but love this nerdy aspect of Jerry's character. He adds another dimension to the family's dynamic through his innocence, predictability, ignorance about what's really going on, and bumbling demeanor.

However, the very characteristics that make Jerry valuable on the show are the same characteristics that cause people to make fun of him so much. This is perhaps the genius of Jerry, who gets a lot of hate but is one of the most lovable characters on "Rick and Morty." Rather than hating him for being the opposite of Rick, perhaps we should love him for being the opposite of Rick.