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40% Of Fans Agree This Is Harrison Ford's Worst Movie

Harrison Ford has quite the reputation in Hollywood, appearing in some of the most beloved films ever produced. Between the incredibly successful "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" franchises, Ford has cemented himself as one of the most iconic actors ever to do it. Outside of those worlds, the actor has also had iconic smash hits like "Blade Runner," "Air Force One," "Apocalypse Now," and "The Fugitive."

But with a lengthy career, there's bound to be a dud here and there. Ford has over 80 acting credits to his name, and it's safe to say not all of them are winners. In the last decade or so, the Oscar nominee has signed onto some rather surprising films that step outside his typical adventure, thriller, and sci-fi genre. This resulted in some of his lowest-rated movies of all time, with critics and fans alike wondering what happened to the Ford of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. We decided to survey our readers on the worst Harrison Ford movies ever made, and they made it blatantly clear which in his resume is the absolute worst.

Harrison Ford's worst movie is a 2011 flop

Looper polled its readers to determine what they thought the worst Harrison Ford movie of all time is. We gave them several options based on low Rotten Tomatoes scores and fan discussions over the years. An overwhelming majority of our readers selected "Cowboys & Aliens" as Ford's worst movie ever, with 40% of the vote. While Ford has some stinkers in his catalog, it's no surprise that the Jon Favreau-directed was the overwhelming loser. The 2011 flick has a dismal 44% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the audience rating at 43%. The concept had a lot of promise, but "Cowboys & Aliens" ended up being a wildly dull adventure.

Landing at number two in our poll is "Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," with just over 14% of the vote. Easily the worst "Indiana Jones" film of the franchise, the fourth installment was a by-the-numbers sequel that fell flat and had cheesy comedy. Critics took to it, but audiences clearly did not feel the same way, as proven by its 53% score on RT.

The number three spot goes to "Hollywood Homicide," with a little over 13% of the vote. Ford co-starred with Josh Hartnett in this 2003 movie, where they played detectives trying to solve the murders of several rappers. The film had trouble figuring out what it was — a comedy? A mystery? An action flick? It was somehow all of them and none of them.

Falling toward the bottom of our poll is "Random Hearts" with 12.4% of the vote, "Paranoia" with 11.9%, and "Morning Glory" with 7.7% of poll takers selecting it as Ford's worst. Out of the bunch we offered Looper readers to choose between, "Paranoia" has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score with a shameful 7%.