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Cobra Kai Fans Sure Have A Lot To Say About The Clothing In Season 4

Since 2018, Netflix's "Cobra Kai" has made it clear what its missions are. First and foremost, it seeks to carry on the legacy of the "Karate Kid" films in a genuine and honorable manner. At the same time, it does its absolute best to keep viewers entertained with its blend of nostalgia, comedy, and drama. While whether or not it's a worthy successor to the beloved movies that paved the way for it is up for debate, few can argue the overall success and popularity that "Cobra Kai" has managed to conjure up.

Though it may have been hard to tell in the wake of Season 1, "Cobra Kai" had already begun to develop a sizable fanbase that demanded to see more. Sure enough, Season 2 then came to fruition and allowed the fandom to expand even further. Keeping the pattern going, the arrival of Season 3 on Netflix — a much larger platform than YouTube Red, where "Cobra Kai" previously called home — really kicked things into high gear. Thus, Season 4 is in the books, and Season 5 is on its way down the production pipeline.

Arriving in December of 2021, "Cobra Kai" Season 4 continues to cook up fan discussion online as well as critique from those who've had the chance to watch it. Some have even taken to chatting about the clothing this season, and they have a lot to say about it.

Many agree that fashion was in short supply throughout Cobra Kai Season 4

"Cobra Kai" Season 4 sees the cast pop up at various locations and events, each calling for specific wardrobe choices. Some are formal, and others are casual, no different from real-world settings. However, according to fans like u/mzjolynecujoh on Reddit, the wardrobe department did a lot of characters dirty in this batch of episodes. "The worst part of season 4 is the outfits," they write, accompanied by a handful of images from the show that more than prove their point. As it turns out, they're far from alone in this line of thinking, seeing as several folks agree that the costumes could be pretty rough in Season 4.

Even though most firmly believe that the costuming for "Cobra Kai" Season 4 isn't the most appealing, it's far from thrown together. Seasoned costume designer Frank Helmer spoke to Decider about all that goes into the "Cobra Kai" wardrobe, detailing the importance of getting everyone's outfits just right in any given scene. He explains that cultural anthropology is the key to assembling costumes that feel the most authentic to specific characters, so he puts himself in their shoes to do so. Helmer adds that ensuring the clothes in question are useable during action sequences is important as well.

Functionally and in terms of who the characters are, the outfits of "Cobra Kai" Season 4 are appropriate. Whether or not they're fashion-forward, however, is another discussion entirely.