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Simpsons Fans Are Still Debating This Hilarious Hans Moleman Detail

There is no shortage of memorable characters on the Emmy-winning series "The Simpsons," with some going to great lengths to make fans laugh and other characters simply going too far. Some, like Hans Moleman (Dan Castellaneta), seem to stand the test of time as one of the lovable, long-running side characters whose suffering has brought so much joy to viewers over the years.

Despite not making Looper's list of "50 Best 'Simpsons' Characters of All-Time," Hans Moleman is definitely a contender for fan-favorite status, and his efforts in the series have been nothing short of hilarious. The frail old man with poor vision is usually in some dire situation, and more often than not, the scene alludes to his demise. Yet he doesn't let that negativity stop him, as Moleman has accomplished a lot during his time on the show. He's become the leader of an underground mole society, and even starred in a Film Festival-worthy short appropriately titled "Football in the Groin." He also hosts a radio show discussing the agony that is his existence called "Moleman in the Morning." And probably most important of all, according to Homer Simpson (also played by Castellaneta), he feels like a peanut when kissed.

Despite fans being privy to so much information about him over the years, several mysteries about the comical cartoon character still linger. Many fans of "The Simpsons" still can't decide who is right about this particular fact concerning the man they call Hans Moleman.

Fans are wondering just how old is Hans Moleman

Redditor u/copitamenstrual posted an image of Hans Moleman's driver's license, which has his name as Ralph Melish, and wrote above it, "Happy 101st birthday to Hans Moleman." But u/mrkrabsfirstbuck seems to be confused at the age, responding with, "I thought drinking ruined his life and he was only 30 years old in like ... 1992?" The confusion fans are experiencing is expected, given that "The Simpsons" hasn't done a great job with the continuity surrounding Moleman's age.

In Season 2, Episode 14 ("Principal Charming"), his driver's license indicates that he was born in 1921, making him over 100 years old. Then he reveals he is 31 years old at an AA meeting in Season 4, Episode 16 ("Duffless"). Later, in Season 10, Episode 11 ("Wild Barts Can't Be Broken"), Hans Moleman is one of the elderly characters that doesn't have to follow the curfew for anyone under 70.

It's weird to think of Moleman as an ageless character who's been around for over a century, mostly because when he first arrived, the creator wasn't a fan. In an interview with Vulture, executive producer Al Jean discussed Matt Groening's reaction to the lovable loser, saying, "At the color screening, Matt Groening stood up and said, 'This should never appear on the show again.'" Thankfully, Groening has since come around, with Jean confirming that he "loves him as much as anybody." While Hans Moleman's real birthdate may remain a mystery, it's safe to say the beloved character has aged well over the years as a true "Simpsons" favorite.