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HBO Announces Return Date For High Maintenance Season 2

HBO is finally rolling up another one.

High Maintenance, the New York City-based series about a nameless weed delivery man and his eclectic roster of clients, is coming back to HBO for a second season of 10 episodes on Friday, January 19, according to a report by Deadline.

The tone-hopping series, each episode structured like its own independent film, got its start on Vimeo in 2012, producing 19 episodes of short, variable length on a low budget before the series was brought to HBO. Its first season on the premium network, consisting of six half-hour episodes, premiered in September 2016, expanding the stories of each episode but keeping the show's loose, breezy vibe and anthology feel fully intact.

High Maintenance was created by Katja Blichfeld and Sinclair, a married team of filmmakers. Far from being a show steeped in lowest-common-denominator stoner humor, the series has been critically praised for the capsule looks it provides at a wide variety of New Yorkers, exploring in an empathetic and humorous way the reasons why very different people are all drawn towards the same peculiar plant.