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What Parents Should Know About Letting Their Kids Watch My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

The untold truth of "My Hero Academia" is a lengthy one, with many changes to the originally planned versions of events and characters. The popular superhero anime is based on Kōhei Horikoshi's shōnen manga series of the same name, and has been running since 2016. Apart from the show's five seasons, there have been numerous original video and net animations, as well as three movies — including "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising." 

The second full-length animated movie based on the franchise, "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising" revolves around a massive face-off between the superhero students of Class 1-A and a squad of villains led by the powerful and mysterious Nine (voiced by Yoshio Inue in the original version and by Johnny Yong Bosch in the English dub). This enticing premise is great news if you're an adult fan of the series — but for parents whose children express interest in "My Hero Academia," it may be difficult to gauge just how suitable the film is for underage viewers. After all, there are many different anime genres, and while "My Hero Academia" is fairly mainstream, it can still be pretty wild and violent. As such, here's what parents should know about letting their kids watch "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising."

Violence might be an issue with My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

Like so many other things in life, "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising" isn't necessarily for everyone, per Australian parenting site Raising Children. However, while the movie contains its share of creepy moments and violence, the site notes that children over 13 should be fine with its content. 

Being a superhero film, "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising" features numerous violent scenes, and if you're choosing subs over dubs, some kids might find the subtitles hard to follow. Raising Children also notes that multiple characters are rather frightening-looking and their power sets can be somewhat disconcerting. There are also several moments that show characters in clear pain or anguish, which might disturb younger children. The movie also contains scenes that depict minors in danger, which should also be taken into account when considering whether the movie is suitable for a child.

As such, Raising Children deems "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising" wholly unsuitable for children under 11 years old. For ages 11-13, parental guidance is suggested.