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Sylvester Stallone Just Escalated Rocky Beef With Graphic Instagram Post

He may have stepped out of the ring following his final appearance in "Creed II," but the creator and star of the "Rocky" franchise, Sylvester Stallone, is still very much in the fight regarding the future of the Italian Stallion's world. After the news broke that a "Drago" spin-off was set to expand the cinematic ring that had already been stretched with "Creed," (also set for a comeback next year) Stallone himself took to social media to reveal his shock and disappointment over the film's plans.

Following the spin-off announcement, Stallone revealed on a now-deleted Instagram post (per The Hollywood Reporter) that he did not know that "Drago" was underway, expressing that he was dealt "another heartbreaker" and being quick to call out the longtime producer of the "Rocky" franchise, 91-year-old Irwin Winkler. As Stallone wrote, "Just found this out... ONCE AGAIN , PATHETIC 94 year old PRODUCER and HIS SELFISH USELESS CHILDREN are once again picking what is left OFF THE BONES of another wonderful character!!!" concerning Drago. "Seriously, how do you weasels look in mirror???"

Stallone also voiced his disappointment with his former co-star Dolph Lundgren, who he assumed had been keeping the project under wraps. Thankfully the "Rocky IV" star quickly cleared things up on the platform, admitting he was "personally under the impression that my friend Sly Stallone was involved as a producer or even as an actor." However, even though the two appeared to have posted and made up, it didn't stop Stallone from expressing his rage at Winkler even further, via graphic and unflinching means.

Stallone refers to the Rocky producer as a bloodsucker

In a one-two punch at his former producer, Stallone posted a graphic Photoshop showing a fanged-Winkler sucking at the neck of a bloodied Rocky. The image, which has also been removed, was accompanied by Stallone describing the sight as being "after Irwin Winkler and family suck Rocky dry!" The former Italian Stallion, who left the franchise following "Creed II," described Winkler as "presumed to be the most hated, untalented, decrepit producer in Hollywood and his cowardly children have found their next meal... Drago?"

Fans of "Rocky" will already know the long and tumultuous journey Sylvester Stallone had in bringing his character to the big screen and the push he had to make to ensure that he would be playing what became his most iconic role. The film became an Oscar winner, with a box-office of $117 million (via BoxOfficeMojo). The actor closed the post saying, "Throughout history so many artists in every industry — recording, painting, writing, you name it — have been destroyed by these blood suckers who have destroyed so many families. Lining their pockets with other people's work." 

There has been no further update regarding "Drago" since Stallone's comments, but given Lundgren making it clear he's still in his friend's corner, who knows what this could mean for the supposed spin-off? Yo Adrian, maybe he did it?