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Teaser For Spirit Halloween: The Movie Pops Up In A Vacant Corner Of The Internet

At one point or another, you've probably seen a Spirit Halloween store appear out of thin air in some long-vacant building or strip mall, only to mysteriously vanish once Halloween has passed (or in some cases, lie abandoned and waiting for next year). Very soon, the beloved pop-up shop will be setting up locations all across America. What's more, this Halloween season, the company will also be making its first foray into film, with the release of "Spirit Halloween: The Movie."

According to Entertainment Weekly, the film will follow three middle schoolers who decide to spend Halloween night locked in a Spirit Halloween that has recently appeared in their town. Things go awry when they discover that this particular store is haunted by a malevolent spirit — one who is hell-bent on possessing them and who just so happens to be played by the legendary Christopher Lloyd. As it happens, the teaser trailer for "Spirit Halloween: The Movie" has just made its way onto the Internet via Strike Back Studios, which (like the eponymous pop-up shop) released the sneak peek in a very abrupt and mysterious manner.

The teaser for Spirit Halloween: The Movie is available as an unlisted video on YouTube

Strike Back Studios (one of several production companies behind "Spirit Halloween: The Movie") has released a teaser trailer for the film via an unlisted video on its official YouTube account. The teaser's unexpected release coincides with the reopening of Spirit Halloween's flagship store in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey — where the teaser first premiered to hundreds of die-hard Spirit Halloween fans who showed up for the store's grand opening (via 6abc).

This short teaser certainly leans into the family-friendly tone of the film, showing our protagonists fighting off a host of possessed animatronics and Halloween decorations while a lighthearted score plays in the background. We also get a brief glimpse of the kids wielding flashlights as they descend into some dank cavern — a scene that undoubtedly evokes comparison to the beloved children's adventure flick "The Goonies" and plenty of other nostalgia-inspiring throwback movies.

"Spirit Halloween: The Movie" is set to be released in October 2022, and this teaser makes it clear that the film will be chock-full of lighthearted family fun – just like the goofy costumes and outlandish decorations you'll find in the store itself.