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The Tense Boat Brawl On The Deadliest Catch That Angers Fans

It makes sense that tensions would run high on a show called "Deadliest Catch." The crews have to go far off into the waters to search for crabs to bring back home. Their livelihoods depend on it, so when they come up short, it makes sense (to an extent) for some of the guys to get a little hot-headed. 

Conditions get fierce out on the ocean, with waves pounding against the ship, occasionally soaking the crew. That doesn't even get into the risk of someone falling overboard, which has certainly happened before while cameras were rolling. These guys put their lives on the line, but sometimes, the biggest danger on the boat is your own crew members. 

That was abundantly evident on one episode of "Deadliest Catch," where the crew went to waters they thought would be swimming with crabs. But when they barely caught any, two crew members got into a bout of fisticuffs.

Fans think the more experienced crew member was in the wrong

Imagine going to your office job. You make a simple mistake, but one that's easily fixed, and one of your coworkers shoves you into a wall. 

That's basically what happened on this episode of "Deadliest Catch," where a Greenhorn (an inexperienced crew member) is a bit off his game during this particular expedition. All while trying to push pots into the water, he gets yelled at by some of the other deckhands, resulting in one throwing some punches and shoving him. 

From the clip's YouTube comments, it's clear most people side with the Greenhorn in this instance, especially considering the more experienced deckhand is supposed to set an example and be better than that. One user wrote, "The experienced guys acting like babies and taking it out on the Greenhorn. Shame." Others were quick to throw the most amount of blame toward the captain since he's supposed to have control over his crew. "I love how these [Greenhorns] are treated like crap and the lazy captain sits on his ass in the driver's seat and keeps pushing them harder," stated someone else. 

Fortunately, the fight ended as quickly as it began, and no one was seriously hurt. But it does show just how serious things can get when you're out crab fishing.