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The Crown Teases 1960s Society In Season 2 Trailer

It won't be easy for the monarchy to modernize. 

Netflix has unveiled the official season two trailer for its critically acclaimed period drama The Crown, which will explore the struggle between Queen Elizabeth II's (Claire Foy) reign during a pivotal time in British history in the forthcoming episodes. 

The clip teases rapidly changing society in the 1960s and the burgeoning free love movement, and how that clashes against the monarchy's traditional, somewhat dated system of beliefs and behaviors. A newscaster shown briefly in the trailer sums it up perfectly: "Britain has changed beyond recognition, and yet the monarchy continues its pre-war routines as if nothing has changed."

Though Elizabeth is well aware of how the people of Britain feel about the monarchy's practices, she is at a crossroads. "What would you have me change?" she asks, to which a voice off screen answers, "Everything." Elizabeth later posits, "To do nothing is often the best course of action. But history was not made by those who did nothing."

The trailer goes on to give viewers a glimpse at loads more tension, including the frustration Matt Smith's Prince Philip feels in being outranked by his son, and Elizabeth's adamance about not forgiving an unnamed someone. 

Catch it all in the video above. 

The upcoming second season of The Crown will be the last of the series to feature Emmy-nominated star Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, as The Night Manager actress Olivia Colman will replace her in season three. Joining Foy for season two are Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret, Jeremy Northam as Antony Eden, Victoria Hamilton as the Queen Mother, Matthew Goode as Lord Snowdon, and Michael C. Hall as John F. Kennedy. 

The Crown will return to Netflix for season two on December 8.