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Full House Fans Don't Hold Back Their Unfiltered Thoughts On Fuller House

"Full House" was a sitcom classic that ran on ABC from 1987 to 1995. For years, audiences tuned in to see the continuing adventures of the Tanners, who had to learn to get along and live together with one another under the same roof. Even with three father figures in the mix, raising all those girls by themselves was a tough job, and it often resulted in hilarious situations the characters had to find their ways out of. 

Many people looked back fondly on "Full House" decades after it came out. That's what made it all the more exciting when Netflix announced it was reviving the series with the original cast in the form of "Fuller House." With the exception of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the stars of the initial series returned to show what these characters were up to all these years later. However, while "Full House" is a classic, it's evident that even fans didn't think "Fuller House" lived up to the original's legacy.

Fans think Fuller House was too cheesy

All it takes is a couple of glances toward Reddit to realize that fans don't look too fondly on "Fuller House." It makes sense why; "Full House" was a cornerstone of many people's childhoods, so watching this new show as an adult means it's just not going to live up to such lofty expectations. Redditor u/No_Profession_8241 kicked things off by writing, "Fuller House felt so forced, so unnatural, it wasn't realistic either, like the random singing and dancing. Full House felt like a real family, with realistic moments and life lessons while Fuller House didn't have any of that."

On a separate thread, someone asked if "Fuller House" was worth watching, and the top response is, "It wasn't as good as the original by any stretch and it's far cheesier (like unbelievable cheesy)." The show didn't fare much better when it came to critics, either. Ned Ehrbar of The Wrap wrote, "All in all, it's unclear who the audience for this series is supposed to be or why Netflix went ahead with 'Fuller House,' aside from the fact that it sounds like something grown-ups who grew up on the show would be into — in theory, at least."

Anyone needing a quick hit of nostalgia may find something worthwhile in "Fuller House." Otherwise, many fans seem to think it doesn't really stand on its own.