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The Logic-Defying Mom Moment That Fans Can't Help But Love

Sitcom plots are sometimes built on contrivances. In many instances, the story to a 30-minute comedy could be resolved in a matter of minutes if certain characters would simply talk to one another. But that wouldn't exactly be fun to watch, so as is often the case with comedies, things get stretched out so that audiences can laugh at characters' antics for quite a while. 

Still, in the moment, some viewers may find themselves yelling at their television screens, telling the characters to do anything other than what they're currently doing. CBS' "Mom" was no exception, as the show regularly broke reality to provide ample laughs. Redditor u/prettyinpink940 pointed to one of these moments in Season 3: "When Bonnie, Christie, Wendy and Jill drive to Canada to pick up maple syrup and they end up with this massive barrel and it takes them forever to get it to the car. When they finally make it, Jill says: 'Stupid men would have probably just backed the car up to the barrel.' Never fails to make me laugh."

Others chimed in agreement to discuss how hilarious the moment was. 

Fans agree the barrel bit is one of the funniest in the show

There's just something utterly hilarious about watching four women try to move a barrel filled with maple syrup into the back of their car. The writers behind "Mom" understood this and had the four central women in the show do precisely that. It's clearly a standout moment for fans, if that Reddit thread is any indication, as numerous people chime in with comments about how hilarious they find the sequence. Some of the words of praise that poured in include, "I die every time" and "Love that line."

One user even had an amusing anecdote of how real life synced up with the expectations of the episode, writing, "My boyfriend and I just watched this episode for the first time and he was like 'why don't they just move the car instead?' and then she said that line. The look on his face was priceless." And it isn't just fans who love the episode. The cast highlighted it during an interview, and Jaime Pressly, who played Jill, had this to say, "That was one of my favorite episodes. And it was one episode about all of us being together as opposed to different stories going on at the same time."

The sequence probably wouldn't have happened in real life, but as long as it delivered the laughs, that's all that mattered.