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Jordan Peele's Us Basically Explained

After releasing "Get Out" in 2017 to overwhelming fame and acclaim — including an Academy Award for best original screenplay — the world waited with bated breath to see what sketch comedy star turned writer-director Jordan Peele would come up with next. Then, in February of 2019, Peele's sophomore effort, "Us," finally hit theaters, led by fellow Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, promising another twisting, turning horror thriller from Peele. The story of a family who just wants to enjoy a simple trip to the beach only to be confronted by horrifying, sinister doppelgangers, "Us" told an entirely different tale from "Get Out" and cemented Peele as a modern master of horror.

"Us" is definitely a delightfully scary, often funny movie from Peele — who is an unquestionably brilliant movie-maker — but it also has some truly enormous plot holes that can't really be ignored. Where exactly do the doppelpeope of the world go in larger places, especially ones with underground public transportation? What's their plan besides mass murder? And what's with the giant scissors and snazzy jumpsuits?! Okay, So Basically, which is available on SnapChat and YouTube, might not be able to answer all of these questions — after all, none of the people on that show are as smart as Jordan Peele — but they sure will try.

Okay, So Basically explains lots of stuff on YouTube and SnapChat, from Jordan Peele movies to movies that aren't as good, like "Morbius." You can rent "Us" on streaming platforms, and Peele's latest film "Nope" is in theaters now.