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Simpsons Fans Make It Abundantly Clear What Their Favorite Musical Number Is

"The Simpsons" draws from a number of influences. The sitcom regularly parodies popular films and TV series, from "Inception" to "24." And early in the show's run, at least, it regularly subverted expectations concerning sitcom tropes, and in many instances, there would be no clear moral to the story, in stark contrast to what other shows did at the time. 

But one area in which the cartoon doesn't get nearly enough credit is how catchy its musical numbers are. It's clear there are some musical aficionados among the writers' staff as characters regularly bust out in song. This is true from the show's early days with catchy numbers, like "Monorail Song" and "Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart."

The songs are naturally funny, but what makes them even more astounding is how catchy they are. It's not unheard of for fans to find themselves humming along to the tunes after watching an episode. And from Reddit, it's clear there's one song that stands head and shoulders above the rest, at least in fans' eyes.

'See My Vest' is just the best

Bart Simpson put it best when he said, "You gotta admit; it's catchy."

In a Reddit thread detailing the best musical moments from "The Simpsons," it's clear fans have a soft spot for "See My Vest," which was featured in "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds" and parodies "Be Our Guest" from "Beauty and the Beast." Seeing how the episode's plot comes from "101 Dalmatians," it makes sense to keep things within the Disney family.

In the episode, Mr. Burns steals the Simpsons' puppies with the dastardly plan of turning them into a tuxedo. To clue us into his master plan, he breaks out into a musical number where he showcases his wardrobe made out of other animals. The "See My Vest" response in the thread has garnered over 400 upvotes and by far has the most comments, with people chiming in with their favorite lyrics from the tune. 

It's kind of a miracle the song wormed its way into people's hearts, considering how nervous writer Mike Scully was about making it in the first place. In an interview, he stated, "I'd never written a song for a show before, so it was kind of terrifying. I didn't know anything about writing music. So I basically took the liberty of stealing a song from Disney" (via Digital Spy). Of course, the other writers helped beef it up, and it's resulted in a stunning legacy that all other "Simpsons" songs have had to live up to.