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The Simpsons Fans Just Can't Seem To Agree On Their Favorite Angry Homer Moment

Since the very beginning of "The Simpsons," the animated family has had a huge influence on pop culture and created tons of pause-worthy and quotable moments. Phrases like "Eat my shorts!" have entered modern parlance, and who hasn't occasionally said "D'oh!" when doing something stupid? Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) has been a fixture on the show since its inception, and the family patriarch generally provides for his family by doing a nominal job at the local nuclear power plant.

One of Homer's most enduring traits is his anger, which is often caused by the efforts of his son Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright), though Bart is far from the only one who agitates his father. Sometimes, Homer gets angry at the cards dealt to him by life, and other times, he's reacting to a friend, co-worker, or his job. Homer's distinct manner of speech and personality often makes for some great television, but it seems as if some fans are having a hard time figuring out which one of Homer's freakouts is best.

Fans enjoy bringing up and quoting many angry Homer moments

Converging on the subreddit r/TheSimpsons, fans of "The Simpsons" have engaged in a rather lively debate regarding Homer's best moments of rage. Redditor u/hgiwvac9 started a conversation by asking, "Where would you rank this on a list of greatest Homer getting angry moments?" Included in their post was an image from the Season 3 episode "Bart the Lover," which shows Homer standing in the backyard with his arms up and an animal-like look of frustration on his face.

This question caused a flurry of responses, and it seems that many of those weighing in had their own choices for their favorite angry Homer moment. For u/Smgth it was the time Homer attempts to build a backyard BBQ pit in the Season 10 episode "Mom and Pop Art," which prompts him to cry out, "Why must I fail at every attempt at masonry!?" Meanwhile, u/Bart_Jojo_666 had several scenes in mind. They wrote, "When Marge had a gambling problem he was so mad he couldn't even speak lol. Le Grille is a solid second, tho, and a funnier scene." Fellow commenter u/NicklAAAAs also felt the same way about the Le Grille incident, and replied, "The scream he lets out as he charges at le grille with the umbrella never fails to make me laugh."

Fans chimed in with many more unique moments throughout the thread, including u/BloodyRightNostril invoking Homer's tirade against iconic American poet Walt Whitman in the Season 7 episode "Mother Simpson," and u/pingmr citing the time Homer finally loses it on Mr. Burns (Harry Shearer) when his boss is unable to recall his name in the legendary episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?"

Homer's voice actor has said that real human emotion is important to The Simpsons

There is clearly an abundance of hilarious angry Homer moments throughout "The Simpsons," and one of the reasons they hit so hard with viewers is because they are balanced out with more grounded scenes. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, voice actor Dan Castellaneta was asked about what moments are his favorite to play when it comes to Homer, to which he replied, "He's always so goofy and dumb, it really does land when he does have his serious moments, when he is sorry or embarrassed or feels bad about what he did or expresses sincere love for Marge. That started from day one when Jim Brooks told us, '[You] really gotta believe that these are real people with real emotions.' That's another reason why there's such an appeal."

Considering Castellaneta's comments, it seems as if many people enjoy the more grounded elements of the show. Of course, there have been incredibly cartoonish moments, like when Homer ends up attempting to clear a canyon on a skateboard, but it is the human element that makes "The Simpsons" such an enduring series. Well, that and probably Homer's multifaceted freakouts. Fiddle dee dee!