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Supernatural Fans Can't Make It Past This Season Finale Without Sobbing

Creator Eric Kripke's "Supernatural" reigned atop The CW for years — 15 to be exact — with a legion of devoted fans behind it for most of its run. Week after week, they'd tune in to see what kinds of other-worldly hijinks the monster-hunting brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester would get up to. Their exploits ranged from earth-shattering to downright goofy, yet they proved entertaining more often than not. This made it incredibly disappointing when the series finally came to an end in 2020 with the completion of Season 15.

The end of "Supernatural" was a special kind of saddening, but the show was far from averse to making viewers weep. After all, the Winchesters spent much of the show trying to find their missing father, John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who sought vengeance on the dark forces responsible for killing his wife. That kind of plot, the side stories that it spawned, and the evolution of Sam and Dean's bond were ripe with tear-jerking potential, and the minds behind the series rarely squandered it. In fact, some moments still make seasoned fans tear up on a rewatch.

For instance, according to several "Supernatural" fans, this season finale is nearly impossible for them to get through without bawling their eyes out. Here's why.

You'll wanna keep the tissues close by for the Season 5 finale

To call the Season 5 finale "Swan Song" intense would be quite an understatement. Upon hatching a plan to defeat Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) once and for all, Sam allows himself to be possessed so that he may cast himself and Lucifer into a cage and prevent the apocalypse. As one could imagine, things go off the rails in no time at all, and before the credits rolled, Redditors such as u/l0s3r_06 couldn't help but get emotional over it all. Arguably the biggest reason came down to Sam and Dean's connection and the moments it created, as pointed out by u/Used-Violinist-6244 in a comment that ran through the most upsetting moments.

Folks in the replies also noted that the end of Season 5 felt like a series finale, and in reality, they're not far off, in a manner of speaking. Dean Winchester himself, Jensen Ackles, has explained that Eric Kripke had a five-year plan for the show from the very beginning (via Cheat Sheet). "Eric said, 'I've got the plan. I've got it all. We've got it wrapped up.' And then we just kept picking up steam at Season 4 and picked up a little bit more steam in Season 5," Ackles said, yet its success couldn't be ignored. Kripke left the show following Season 5, and it trudged on without him for another 10 seasons.

No matter where you stand on the later seasons of "Supernatural" and its divisive eventual ending, it's hard to deny that the first five seasons and the fifth season's finale weren't excellent television — despite the ability of "Swan Song" to get the waterworks flowing.