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The Big Bang Theory Fans Are Scratching Their Heads Over This Howard Detail

As far as sitcoms go, the plot hole-filled "Big Bang Theory" doesn't exactly revolutionize the concept. It's about a bunch of friends who hang around together as they attempt to go from a bunch of kids to responsible, stable adults. However, it does differ in the fact that unlike most shows on television, it doesn't focus on your average folks. Rather, it centers on a group predominantly comprised of nerds who wear their love for "Star Trek" and quantum mechanics on their sleeves. Thanks to their unique interests, personalities, and more, most have become TV icons.

While names like Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Penny Teller (Kaley Cuoco) stand out among the most memorable from "The Big Bang Theory," their companions have all carved out pop culture niches of their own. Take Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg), for example, who, among other reasons, is well remembered for his less-than-ideal relationship with his mother, Debbie (Carol Ann Susi). The scenes they shared often resulted in screaming matches over a range of subjects, yet the content of their "chats" were typically presented in a comedic way.

Howard and his mom's relationship throughout "The Big Bang Theory" got a lot of time to grow over the years, yet its very existence has left some fans confused. Here's why it continues to baffle so many.

How was Howard able to move away from his mother?

An academic prodigy, Howard Wolowitz attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology upon graduating high school to pursue his interest in engineering. He eventually obtained his master's degree and returned to his home in Pasadena, California, after doing so. However, as asked by Redditor u/Psycholarocco, how is it that Howard managed to move across the country for school without his mother attempting to hold him back, or him not giving up due to the stress of being so far away from her? Others in the discussion attempted to rationalize this, with several positing that perhaps she came with him during his college years.

With "The Big Bang Theory" long over, we likely won't get the chance to learn about Howard and his mom's living situation during his college years any time soon. Although, if he got himself into the encounters Simon Helberg did during his time as a college student, surely he wished he had his mom around if she wasn't there already. In a 2010 interview with Under the Radar magazine, Helberg told the story of an awkward encounter with one of his college friends who tried to prank him. "We were walking across the street, and he put some snow down my shirt, and I just instinctually — caveman instinct — came out, and I just punched him in the face," he said, recalling he quickly apologized and iced his hand shortly after.

Questions about "The Big Bang Theory" and specifically Howard Wolowitz will linger for years to come. Someday we may get answers to these burning questions — such as Howard's ability to leave his mother behind by moving across the country for school — but it wouldn't be wise to hold our breath.