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How AMC Theaters Absolutely Dominated Cinemark In 2022

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of movie theaters. After all, with their enclosed spaces, there was no way for most modern theaters to operate safely with a dangerous virus out there, especially with people packed in seats. Would this be the end of contemporary movie-watching? Would it give streaming services the push to become the predominant way of enjoying the latest blockbusters? 

As it turns out, people still really enjoy going to movie theaters. While the virus is still out there, movie theaters are back open at full capacity, allowing people to pack in their seats to enjoy the likes of "Top Gun: Maverick," which has grossed over $1 billion since it first came out. It's clear movie theaters are back in a big way and that a substantial group of people want to see the latest and greatest movies on the biggest screen possible. 

But where exactly are people going to see their favorite stars fill up the screen? Among AMC, Regal, Cinemark, and others, people have more options than ever before. And according to data collected by Looper, in a match-up between two titans of the big screen, one chain dominated in one key area. 

AMC has had far more foot traffic than Cinemark over the past year

It seems people can't get enough of Nicole Kidman talking about the importance of going to the movies. 

Based on information gathered by Data Herald, AMC has seen far greater foot traffic compared with Cinemark. Going back to January 2021, at no point has Cinemark ever even matched the foot traffic AMC can boast. At both of the companies' peaks, which would be around December 2021, both theaters reached their apexes, with AMC reaching nearly 180,000 visits while Cinemark is closer to 72,000 visits. This was a noteworthy period, especially seeing how it was around the time "Spider-Man: No Way Home" swung into theaters, ultimately grossing $1.9 billion. Similar spikes can be seen around the times when "The Batman" and "Top Gun: Maverick" came out. 

However, perhaps this data should come as no surprise. AMC claims roughly 950 theaters around the globe. Meanwhile, Cinemark has 520 theaters across the United States and Latin America. Things don't fare much better for Cinemark in the realm of social media. AMC has amassed nearly 550,000 followers on Twitter, while Cinemark has only 75,000.

While AMC certainly has an advantage when it comes to drawing in crowds, it's ultimately just good to see people heading back to the theater, regardless of the chain.