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What The Cast Of SLC Punk Looks Like Today

While the 1998 counterculture dramedy SLC Punk! never had a wide theatrical release, it's gone on to become one of the decade's classic coming-of-age films. An opening-night screening at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, word of mouth, and the video rental market helped spread the word about this clever punk rock movie—now a favorite among punks and posers alike. Let's take a look back at the cast of SLC Punk! and find out what they're up to today. 

Matthew Lillard - 'Stevo' Levy

Throughout SLC Punk!, Stevo (Matthew Lillard) serves as our gateway into thepunk subculture in Salt Lake City, Utah. With his narration as a guide, director James Merendino presents a set of interconnected vignettes into the lives of two twenty-something punk rock fans and their friends, lovers, and enemies during the fall of 1985. Although Stevo initially expresses his distaste for "posers" and the way his formerly rebellious hippie parents sold out, his misadventures in the film and the tragic loss of a close friend eventually convince him to shed his punk lifestyle and go to law school, because "there's no future in anarchy."

Most fans will no doubt remember Matthew Lillard's early roles in both SLC Punk! and as Stuart in 1996's Scream. Just a few years later, he landed the part that's become his calling card—Shaggy in the Scooby-Doo film franchise. Since 2002, Lillard has appeared in more than a dozen films and television shows as Shaggy, both onscreen and in voice acting parts. He's also branched out into producing and directing; in 2011, he directed his first feature film, Fat Kid Rules the World. Most recently, Lillard has appeared as Bill Hastings in several episodes of Showtime's Twin Peaks revival.

Michael A. Goorjian - 'Heroin' Bob

Stevo's best friend and roommate in SLC Punk! is the ironically-nicknamed "Heroin" Bob (Michael A. Goorjian). Despite the name, Bob doesn't use any drugs except for alcohol and cigarettes. Bob has a huge fear of needles, and constantly tells his friends that the drugs they take are horrible for them—which prompts Stevo to tease Bob that chemistry is the wrong major for him if he hates drugs so much. Sadly, Bob dies when he accidentally overdoses on some "vitamins" (actually Percodan) that an acquaintance gives him for a headache at a party. When Stevo discovers his best friend's body, it seems to spur him to give up the punk lifestyle for good.

Since appearing in SLC Punk!, Goorjian has continued with his own successful acting career. He's also well-known for his long-running role as Justin Thompson on Party of Five. Most recently, he reprised his role as Bob for the 2016 sequel Punk's Dead: SLC Punk 2.

Jason Segel - Mike

Although he typically hangs out with Stevo and the rest of the Punk tribe, Mike (Jason Segel) certainly doesn't look the part. Unlike his friends, Mike usually sports a straitlaced wardrobe of khakis, polo shirts, and glasses. But don't let his "geeky" appearance fool you—when Mike sees his friends in danger he doesn't hesitate to jump right into a brawl and use his fighting skills to save the day.

For actor Jason Segel, his role in SLC Punk! was one of his first major parts. Since then, he's gone onto star in a number of popular television shows and movies, including Freaks and Geeks, Slackers, and most famously, as Marshall Eriksen on the hit TV series How I Met Your Mother. Most recently, Siegel appeared in the 2017 mystery drama The Discovery.

Annabeth Gish - Trish

You probably remember Trish (Annabeth Gish) for her romantic relationship with Bob—and also for her variety of crazy hair colors and styles. While Bob is in love with Trish, he's reluctant to make a commitment to her. This storyline comes into play for the plot of the 2016 sequel Punk's Dead: SLC Punk 2, which focuses on the Bob and Trish's son, born after Bob's death.

Since her time on SLC Punk!, Gish has continued a successful acting career—primarily with her many television roles. You may remember her from popular TV series like Brotherhood, The West Wing, Sons of Anarchy, Pretty Little Liars, or The X-Files. Gish is slated to return to her role as Monica Reyes in The X-Files in 2018.

Jennifer Lien - Sandy

Throughout most of SLC Punk!, Stevo has a casual romantic relationship with Sandy (Jennifer Lien). The two spend some quality time dropping acid, reliving the tale of the Donner Party, and having sex in a public park. Although they're just friends with benefits, Stevo flies off the handle when he finds out Sandy slept with another man—who Stevo proceeds to beat the tar out of. Although he's a little heartbroken at first, Stevo moves on when he's introduced to "rich girl" Brandy.

In addition to her part in SLC Punk!, you may also remember Jennifer Lien as Kes in Star Trek: Voyager. After the birth of her son with filmmaker Phil Hwang in 2002, Lien retired from Hollywood and has made only occasional public appearances since. In 2010, Lien told Startrek.com that she was "trying to keep my mind busy and stay healthy physically and mentally," working towards a health-related college degree, and taking care of her family and her three dogs. Since then, her son Jonah Hwang has started his own acting career—you may even have spotted him as "New Lip" in a few episodes of Showtime's Shameless.

More recently, Lien has had some unfortunate run-ins with the law near her Tennessee home. She was arrested twice in 2015—but those charges were dismissed in November 2016 after Lien paid restitution, entered mental health treatment, and has stayed out of trouble since. We wish her the best on the road ahead.

Devon Sawa - Sean

In addition to the death of Bob, the character of Sean (Devon Sawa) is used primarily in SLC Punk! to illustrate the dangers of the hard–struggling lifestyle. When Sean runs away from the police after a drug deal, he's forced to take a shortcut through the high school football field. The sprinklers on the field get his pants wet, which causes Sean to absorb a massive 100 hits of acid into his bloodstream. The overdose fries Sean's brain, and when we next see him, he's a beggar with obvious lingering issues from the incident.

Formerly a child star and teen heartthrob, Devon Sawa's role in SLC Punk! helped him transition into his adult acting career. He'd later go on to appear in many other films and television shows, including Slackers, Final Destination, and Nikita. Most recently, Sawa has been seen as Nico Jackson on the ABC thriller Somewhere Between.

Adam Pascal - Eddie

Eddie (Adam Pascal) rounds out the regular crew of Stevo and Bob's friends. A ladies' man and a smooth talker, you probably remember Eddie from the scene when he (along with Stevo and Bob) scare a group of highly religious patrons at a Wyoming liquor store.

After his debut performance in SLC Punk!, Pascal went on to make a major name for himself with his subsequent starring performances in School of Rock and Rent. Since then, he's continued to juggle his careers as a Broadway performer and a screen actor. Most recently, Pascal reprised his role as Eddie in the 2016 sequel, Punk's Dead: SLC Punk 2.

Til Schweiger - Mark

You probably remember Mark (Til Schweiger) from a memorable SLC Punk! scene when, after telling Stevo about the childhood plane crash that killed everyone in his family but him, Mark becomes convinced that Bob has stolen from him. Despite Stevo's protests, an enraged Mark confronts Bob with a very large gun and even fires in Bob's direction before realizing that he's innocent.

Following his appearance in SLC Punk!, German actor Til Schweiger went on to appear in many other popular films, including Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life and Inglourious Basterds. Even with his impressive acting resume, Schweiger is even better known for his directing skills. One of his efforts, Keinohrhasen, has distinguished itself as one of the most financially successful German films in recent memory.

James Duval - John the Mod

In SLC Punk!'s version of Salt Lake City, the various subcultural tribes—punks, rednecks, neo-nazis, mods, new-wavers, heavy-metal guys, and others—generally don't get along and sometimes end up in massive brawls. The sole exception to this rule appears to be John the Mod (James Duval), who seemingly moves between the groups with relative ease. We first see John when he purchases some acid from Sean, and while the other Mods make threats towards the young punk, John and Sean chat amiably.

After SLC Punk!, actor James Duval's career really took off. Since then, he's appeared in dozens of movies and television shows, including Donnie Darko, Gone in Sixty Seconds, and Hawaii Five-0. Most recently, Duval returned to the role of John the Mod in the 2016 SLC Punk 2 sequel, and he has a number of future projects lined up.

Summer Phoenix - Brandy

After splitting with Sandy, Stevo is feeling pretty down on his luck—that is, until his friends introduce him to "rich girl" Brandy (Summer Phoenix). The two hit it off right away, and in the epilogue, Stevo implies that he'll marry Brandy and go to Harvard Law school.

While she was never as famous for her acting career as her brother River, Summer Phoenix has continued to act since her appearance in SLC Punk!; you may have spotted her in 1998's The Faculty or in 2004's Suzie Gold. Most recently, Phoenix is slated to appear in the 2017 films The Girl with the Curls and The Mad Whale.