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Rick And Michonne Will Return To The Walking Dead Universe In A Six-Part Miniseries

"The Walking Dead" has enjoyed a long, prosperous run on AMC that began way back in 2010. Across 11 seasons, it has introduced (and swiftly killed off) countless characters, taken viewers across a zombie-infested world, and reminded us all of the importance of hanging onto one's humanity, particularly in times of crisis. Still, it couldn't go on forever, hence why Season 11 is it's last, giving fans a whopping 24 final episodes to enjoy. Of course, if you've spent any time online in the past few years, you'd know that the "Walking Dead" property isn't going anywhere.

Hopping on the expanded universe craze, AMC is building a "Walking Dead" franchise made up of numerous titles. Some will tackle new characters, new locales, and new points in the timeline, but the "TWD" saga isn't totally abandoning its roots. A fair number of these shows will focus on famous characters such as Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan), Negan Smith (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and more. As it turns out, however, this concept isn't limited to just those pre-existing characters who've stuck with the show right up to its conclusion.

As revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, a "Walking Dead" spin-off miniseries focused on longtime show staples and romantic partners Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne Hawthorne (Danai Gurira) — collectively known as the game-changing "Richonne" — is on the way.

The Rick and Michonne series doesn't come without a cost

At the time of the reveal that Rick and Michonne will lead their own series, the two had been absent from "The Walking Dead" for some time. Season 9's "What Comes After" proved Rick and, naturally, Andrew Lincoln's big farewell from the series, with Rick exiting in a mysterious helicopter after being seriously wounded. As for Michonne and Danai Gurira, "What We Become" from Season 10 turned out to be their goodbye as Michonne set out to find a still-living Rick. Their attempts to reunite will be chronicled on their show, though according to Deadline, this puts a long-awaited "Walking Dead" project in the bin.

Ever since Rick disappeared from the "Walking Dead" scene, fans have awaited his return — specifically on the big screen. In 2018, it came to light that Andrew Lincoln would reprise his iconic role — alongside Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis and potentially Corey Hawkins as Heath – in a trilogy of films (via The Hollywood Reporter), with Scott Gimple serving as screenwriter. However, production on the first movie was slow going, thanks especially to the COVID-19 pandemic, though it never recovered. Thus, the Rick and Michonne show has effectively replaced all three films on the "Walking Dead" release slate.

It's too bad that "The Walking Dead" won't get a cinematic spotlight after all these years. At least we'll get to see Michonne and Rick return for one last ride and finish off their love story properly via AMC+ in 2023.