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Stranger Things 2 Almost Had A Different Ending

Contains major spoilers for Stranger Things 2

Compared to the finale of the first season, the final episode of Stranger Things 2 doesn't leave all that many hanging threads. But that wasn't always going to be the case.

The season comes to a close at the Snow Ball and wraps up all of the characters' storylines in satisfying if not saccharine ways. The final shot reveals a massive threat lurking beneath the surface, but it's a pretty vague cliffhanger. 

Producer Shawn Levy told Collider that the Duffer brothers considered including several scenes that would've set up season 3 in more direct ways. "There were epilogue scenes that were considered for after that shot that would have hinted more at season 3," he said. "But there was a decision made by all of us where we said, 'Let's not back in to any promises again.'"

The reason? It doesn't box in the writers when it comes to planning season 3. "We always felt after season 1 that we had to payoff that slug that Will coughs up in the sink, or whose black car Hopper was getting into, and had toand wanted tofollow up on Hopper putting the Eggos out in a wooden lockbox in the woods. This time, the [Duffer brothers] very consciously wanted to promise less, so that their freedom is more."

Instead, they decided to end things largely on a positive note, giving viewers a sense of closure. "We cannot top that Snow Ball," Levy said. "We will never make people happier than that dance will make people. So let's not leave there with the promise to come. Let's let people have a moment of joy."

Still, we've got some unanswered questions from season 2.