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Fans Of Resident Alien Just Got The Season 3 News They've Been Waiting For

Human interactions can sometimes make little sense, even to other humans. But to be an alien who is forced to quickly adopt the persona of a doctor? That's an entirely different level of awkwardness, but one that makes for some great comedic television. "Resident Alien" follows an extraterrestrial (Alan Tudyk, who spoke about the series in an exclusive interview with Looper) whose real name is unpronounceable, but who takes up the moniker of Harry, the name of a doctor he killed upon crash landing on Earth. He quickly learns basic anatomy by watching "Law & Order," and at the start of the series, he believes his mission is to destroy humanity. However, he quickly begins to develop human emotions, and his struggle to understand Earthlings forms the basis of much of the comedy on the show.

The mid-season finale for Season 2 of "Resident Alien" sees Harry tasked with caring for a half-human, half-alien offspring that turns out to be extremely dangerous and ravenous enough to consume human beings. A chase occurs that results in Harry being shot. So when "Resident Alien" picks back up for the second half of the season, there will be plenty of storylines for the show to juggle. And we now know that Harry's misadventures won't be ending there. 

Season 3 of Resident Alien has been officially announced

Although Season 2 will pick back up on August 10, 2022, it looks like Syfy has already gone ahead and renewed "Resident Alien" for even more episodes. As reported by Deadline on July 21, Syfy has confirmed that there will be a Season 3 of the show.

In a video interview with Collider from January 2022, series showrunner Chris Sheridan was asked about the two-part nature of Season 2 of "Resident Alien" and what kind of plans he has for Season 3. Although at the time he said he was still focused on finishing Season 2, Sheridan did say that in working on plotting out the larger character arcs, he did have some idea of where things might be headed come Season 3. Now that we know for sure that "Resident Alien" will be returning, fans will get a chance to see exactly what Sheridan and his team have been plotting for Harry, his fellow aliens, the hybrid baby, and even more of the general awkwardness of being human.