How Often Do Deadliest Catch Stars Actually Get Seasick?

It's a dangerous business to get involved in crab fishing. As depicted in "Deadliest Catch," crews head out into the ocean where conditions aren't exactly always optimal. There will be huge waves and crew members attempting to pull a net filled with crabs back onto the boat. It isn't unheard of for people to fall overboard or get swept up in a wave. That's one of the reasons why it's largely considered one of the deadliest professions in the world. 

But not every difficulty on the show is a matter of life and death. Plenty of problems can arise that are simply nuisances but nonetheless get in the way of the crew members doing their jobs. After all, there's one big ailment that tends to afflict people on boats — sea sickness. While one would assume professional crab fishers would have their sea legs at a certain point, a couple of the guys on the show revealed how they still occasionally feel out of it when on the open sea. 

Josh Harris and Jake Anderson still regularly get seasick

Seasickness is a condition in which a person experiences an incongruity between the motion of the water and what one's eyes register. This leads to feelings of nausea, vertigo, and vomiting. It affects some people worse than others, and while most people assume that experienced sea dogs wouldn't necessarily get seasick as often, Josh Harris and Jake Anderson put those myths to bed. 

The two did an interview with KTLA 5 where they were asked if they still get seasick while out on the ocean. Without skipping a beat, they both reply in the affirmative. Anderson explained how the phenomenon still affects him at the most inopportune times, "Now that I'm a captain, I sit in a chair, and it's the only place I'm not seasick ... I'll go downstairs, and then I try to eat [something] and then I go upstairs and eat my saltines and coffee."

After that, Anderson provided a helpful hint as to the best way he overcomes seasickness, stating, "Marijuana. It's been the only thing I've ever found." He may not have been allowed to bring it on the boat, but it's obviously made an impact on him.