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Slice Promo Teases Chance The Rapper's Secret Slasher Movie

A24's secretive slasher movie Slice has another teaser trailer out today, and it explains... not all that much. It's fun, though!

Slice was announced in 2016, starring Chance the Rapper in the lead role playing a man framed for a number of murders targeting pizza delivery people. 

The above teaser has the look of a work-diverting internet browser game, set to a synthy version of reliable tension-raising song "in the Hall of the Mountain King". It follows a teensy motorcycle zooming along a track increasingly fraught with peril, as the road gives way to pitfalls and knives fly by. 

At the end of the teaser, certain glimpses of footage from the movie can be seen, and from what we can divine, it looks like this movie might end up being at times a bit of a gory killfest. 

The movie is the feature debut of Austin Vesely, who previously collaborated with Chance on the music videos for the songs "Sunday Candy" and "Angels". In addition to Chance the Rapper, it also stars Zazie Beetz, Paul Sheer, Rae Gray, Will Brill, and Joe Keery.

A first teaser, entirely live-action, was released back in 2016, but it somehow has even less footage from the movie than this mostly metaphorical animated spot. You can check that earlier teaser out below.

Slice will premiere sometime in 2018.