Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 3 Trailer Takes Ash Back To School

The trailer for the third season of Ash vs. Evil Dead is here, and sees chainsaw-wielding hero Ash Williams as we've never seen him before—as a proud papa trying to do right by his kid.

"Never get between a papa bear and his cub," Ash says, sweetly, at one point during the teaser. But don't think that Ash is going soft. The trailer then cuts to him in full chainsaw mode, telling a Deadite in no uncertain terms that it's "time to suck a little saw." 

The series will add to its cast Arielle Carver-O'Neill as Brandy Barr, Ash's long-lost daughter who has recently become swept up in a Deadite invasion after the return of Ruby, played by Lucy Lawless. Lindsay Farris will also appear in the new season as Dalton, a member of the evil-combating Knights of Sumeria.

Ash vs. Evil Dead stars Bruce Campbell, and also features Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo as his sidekicks Pablo and Kelly. 

The third season of Ash vs. Evil Dead will premiere on Starz on Sunday, February 25.