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The First Halloween Ends Trailer Promises A Frightfully Epic Time

October 25, 1978, saw the arrival of director John Carpenter's "Halloween" at the cinema, changing the horror game forever. It introduced moviegoers to the terrifying Michael Myers (Nick Castle) as well as the woman who'd go on to become his mortal enemy, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), while launching a cinematic franchise. However, most of these installments would fall by the wayside in 2018 when director David Gordon Green gave the often questionable saga a soft reboot with "Halloween." This effort brought the story back to basics and introduced a new generation to Myers and Strode's feud.

40 years after Michael Myers' original killing spree on Halloween night, 2018's "Halloween" sees Laurie Strode bravely face the infamous killer in one final confrontation. Though he was previously locked up, Myers (Castle and James Jude Courtney) managed to escape his confinement to wreak havoc once again. Unsurprisingly, Strode's efforts to defeat Myers fail and she ends up wounded, setting up 2021's "Halloween Kills." This time around, an adult Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) leads the people of Haddonfield in an unsuccessful and bloody suburban war against Myers.

With that, Laurie Strode and Michael Myers' story continues into "Halloween Ends," and the trailer promises an epic yet terrifying movie theater experience.

Get ready for the final showdown between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers

As one could imagine, the inaugural trailer for "Halloween Ends" reminds us that we're in for the real final clash between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. Between clips from previous "Halloween" films, shots of Myers attacking various characters, and other miscellaneous clips, we get a brief glimpse into their final, hard-hitting brawl. The tensest moment comes during their fight in a kitchen, where Myers attempts to force Strode's hand into a sink garbage disposal — a nod to 1998's "Halloween H20," perhaps? Luckily, she's able to free herself from his grasp and close out the trailer by stabbing him through the hand with his signature knife.

Of course, this footage isn't anything we haven't heard about before since CinemaCon 2022 attendees described a similar trailer in April. Not only did they see it early, but most who had the chance to check it out at the event had nothing but praise for it, particularly its frights and the manner in which it incorporates Strode and Myers' storied past. Time will tell if the majority of "Halloween" fans will react similarly to what the teaser has to offer. Then again, if the trailer's YouTube comment section and the replies to the official "Halloween Ends" Twitter page are of any indication, interest is certainly high, to say the least.

"Halloween Ends" premieres on October 14, 2022.