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Thor: Love And Thunder Almost Opened With This Pivotal Jane Scene

"Thor: Love and Thunder" hit the big screen on July 8, 2022, and in next to no time at all, it became the talk of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom. When looking at the film as a whole, that response makes sense bearing in mind just how much it leaves viewers to unpack once the credits roll. However, before we find out what has become of New Asgard or learn that Asgardian weapons have feelings, the film begins with an intimate look at its central antagonist, Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale), in one of the most buzz-worthy sequences in the entire film.

Much like his comic book counterpart, Gorr resides on a desolate world seemingly devoid of food, water, and life. Left with next to nothing to live for, he continues to show his devotion to the god Rapu (Jonathan Brugh) and do what little he can to provide his daughter, Love (India Hemsworth), with something of a life. However, upon learning of Rapu's indifference to his suffering and Love's death, Gorr kills him and vows to eradicate all gods in the universe. It's a saddening yet terrifying way to kick off the film and provides some welcomed context for who Gorr is.

For as important as Gorr's backstory is, it nearly didn't open "Thor: Love and Thunder." That spot almost went to an equally important moment centered on the Mighty Thor herself, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).

Jane's cancer treatment almost opened Love and Thunder

All in all. "Thor: Love and Thunder" is a goofy, jokey affair, but as evidenced by Gorr's introduction, it's not without its somber elements. Another fine example of this comes with Jane Foster's cancer diagnosis, which ultimately leads her to Mjolnir in hopes of healing herself. As the movie reveals to us in a heartwrenching sequence, her chemotherapy treatments aren't helping — something we almost learned right from the start. "In the original draft, it was actually before the Marvel [Studios logo]. It was even earlier in Taika's original draft," revealed writer Jennifer Kaytin to Variety in a July 19, 2022 interview.

Despite not serving as the first scene in "Love and Thunder," Jane's cancer treatment, as well as her further tribulations in dealing with the disease, became some of the most emotionally resonant parts of the film. In turn, as Natalie Portman revealed to Collider, playing Jane and seeing the reaction from fans of her and the character has proven equally moving. "I think every time I feel the passion of the fans, whether it's at Comic-Con, or whether it's at a premiere, it's always incredibly moving and exciting to see how much it means in people's lives," Portman explained, adding how special it is to see the passion in committed, lifelong fans.

Natalie Portman's Jane Foster may not have grabbed the "Thor: Love and Thunder" spotlight from the get-go, but it didn't take her long beyond the opening credits to pull at moviegoers' heartstrings, anyway. For many fans, she and her story will undoubtedly go down as some of the film's highlights.