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Star Wars Speeders Hit NYC Streets In Epic Halloween Stunt

New York City feels a little like the moon of Endor today.

To celebrate Halloween, YouTube stunt creators Jesse Wellens and Casey Neistat created a pair of incredibly realistic Star Wars speeders and took them to the streets for a Stormtrooper chase straight out of Return of the Jedi. The duo used decked-out Super 73 bikes complete with mirrors on the side to make it look like the speeders are actually levitating. It's all pretty impressive and you can see it on the faces of astounded onlookers.

"Every year, Jesse and I usually do a video where we ride around the city doing something a little bit crazy," said Neistat in a behind the scenes video (below). "One year it was Aladdin, Silver Surfer, one year we snowboarded around the city. And this year, Jesse had a different idea."

It took about three weeks to outfit the bikes with fiberglass shells, cardboard, engines, and movie-realistic details, and they filmed the stunt over the course of two days.

Check out how they pulled it off in the videos below.