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The Characters That Cobra Kai Fans Think Deserve More Screentime

One of the main hooks behind "Cobra Kai" is that it brings back fan-favorite characters from the original film series. We get to see what these guys are up to all these years later. Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) has done exceptionally well for himself ever since winning the All-Valley tournament. He now owns a car dealership, but when Cobra Kai rears its ugly head once again, he'll be thrown back into the martial arts spotlight to find a way to bring balance to karate teachings and impart the wisdom Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) once gave him. 

Of course, old favorites are to be expected. There are plenty of great new characters entering the mix, as well, who fulfill different roles. For starters, Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) and Robby (Tanner Buchanan) take up the mantles of new golden children to carry on the lessons of the past. From Samantha (Mary Mouser) to Hawk (Jacob Bertrand), plenty of great characters have entered "The Karate Kid" mythos, but there are some that fans believe need a little more time on screen to get fully developed.

Fans want more Louie

Redditor u/AntiSocialPartygoer offers two picks for characters who deserve more time on "Cobra Kai," and those are Louie (Bret Ernst) and Brucks (Bo Mitchell). Based on what other "Cobra Kai" fans have to say, it's clear Louie's the favorite out of the two, with most being glad Brucks hasn't been around as of late. One user wrote, "The best thing Brucks did was get his ass kicked so bad he was never shown on screen again." Ouch.

Meanwhile, everyone appears to agree that Louie's at least funny. In fact, there are those who hope that Louie's time on "Cobra Kai" encourages others to seek out the actor's stand-up routine. Redditor u/747boeingjet wrote, "[Bret] Ernst's stand up is hilarious too. He posts clips on his IG." Louie had a bit of a reprieve from "Cobra Kai" during Season 2 when the character didn't appear at all, but he's popped up from time to time across Seasons 3 and 4. Ernst sat down to do an interview with Popternative, where he'd say of his character's comedy, "Me and Dan Ahdoot, who plays Anoush, we both are stand-ups, so I think that they brought us in for that levity."

Hopefully, there's more of Louie to come going into "Cobra Kai" Season 5