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Better Call Saul Fans Had A Hard Time Watching This Scene In Season 6 Episode 9

Season 6 of "Better Call Saul" is proving that spin-offs can live up to the legacies left behind by their parent shows. The final season of the "Breaking Bad" offshoot has received heaps of acclaim from audiences and critics alike (per Rotten Tomatoes), with many praising the series' writing and attention to detail. Even the smallest details in "Better Call Saul" mean something, which has inspired fans to dissect every scene frame-by-frame. Plus, Jimmy McGill's transformation into Saul Goodman (Bob Odernik) has been an emotional rollercoaster.

Despite his shortcomings and shady behavior, viewers still sympathize with Jimmy. Guillermo del Toro once tweeted that he prefers "Better Call Saul" to "Breaking Bad" as the protagonist's downfall has been more tragic than Walter White's fall from grace. The "Pan's Labyrinth" director noted that Jimmy's descent into darkness has happened in "small painful tumbles," and that the journey has been full of poignant moments that simmer until their ramifications hit home later on.

Suffice to say, Jimmy experienced another kick in the teeth during Season 6's ninth episode, "Fun and Games," — a deceiving title if there ever was one. There was nothing "fun" about this episode. In fact, there was one scene, in particular, that ripped the hearts out of some viewers.

Better Call Saul fans are having a difficult time dealing with the breakup

The latest episode of "Better Call Saul" featured one mighty gut punch that essentially buried Jimmy McGill once and for all. In short, Kim (Rhea Seehorn) broke up with the corrupt lawyer as she could no longer bear the guilt. However, she was still very much in love with Jimmy when she made the decision to end things, which made the development all the more heartbreaking for the characters — and fans.

Some viewers have aired their grievances and heartache on the "Better Call Saul" subreddit, with many noting that the scene was difficult to watch due to the sheer emotion of it all. One fan by the name of u/Dunkelz was taken aback that Kim's "I love you, but so what?" line, claiming that it "hit HARD."

Elsewhere, some forum users noted that the breakup scene was also the first time that the couple confessed their love for each other. "I didn't even pick up on this, god that breaks my heart so much," u/SleeplessShingami wrote.

At the same time, some skeptics weren't convinced that Kim harbored deep feelings for Jimmy. Redditor u/joemama19 said that she was only with the lawyer for the "thrills" of dating a scammer. "For him, that love was separate from the scams and from the way he ran his business. For her, those things were intertwined and she would never be able to separate them."