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Demon Slayer Fans Wish This Detail Had Been Executed Differently

It's hard to accomplish a complex, compelling narrative structure. Sometimes, it's easier to skip the middle steps and barrel straight into the dramatic payoff. Consider Disney's "Frozen" which, according to many viewers forgot to write in the part where Prince Hans of the Southern Isles (Santino Fontana) actually made sense as a surprise villain. Other notable offenders litter pop culture, but to dive too heavily into them would change the course of this article. Suffice it to say that, whether or not the general consensus agrees, not every story beat is given the weight it deserves. 

And some have experienced this very despair in "Demon Slayer." For those who are unfamiliar, it's an anime about a group of people... who slay demons. Look, not everything has to be deep. As a general rule, "Demon Slayer" is beloved by audiences, with reviews from Den of Geek and Forbes lauding the series for elevating familiar concepts with beautiful animation and solid storytelling. As previously noted, though, some feel as though a few details could've received better care. Here's what the fans had to say. 

Fans wanted more foreshadowing for the Transparent World ability

In a subreddit dedicated to "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba," u/Money-Lie7814 asked, "What part of Demon Slayer makes the least sense to you? ... And how would you have fix[ed] that moment ...?" In response, u/YungKrizzle_ said, "I wish the See-Through World was foreshadowed better. I hated the way it came out against Akaza, it felt way too convenient. Would've been cooler if Akaza or some other demon mentioned it... or if Tanjiro was able to find some knowledge about it before going into Infinity Castle so it comes off less jarring."

For anyone that read the above sentence and felt a crushing sense of expositional flooding, here's the breakdown. Canonically, the proper term is Transparent World, and it's an ability that only the strongest, most cognitively in-tune Demon Slayers can utilize. Such Demon Slayers can be differentiated by their Demon Slayer Mark, which is a sort of insignia that's unique to the individual, and only appears on Demon Slayers who have survived certain levels of extreme duress. The Transparent World ability is pretty self-explanatory, but it allows the user to see into the inner layers of everything around them, and it's used to gain a tactical advantage against opponents. Everything else relevant mentioned in the above comment is just character names. 

In their defense, the Redditor makes a valid point. Unfortunately, it seems that despite all of Tanjiro's powers, appropriately showcasing Chekov's gun isn't one of them. Perhaps if "Demon Slayer" had taken a few notes from movies like "Arrival" that had interesting plot twists, it would have been better able to justify such dramatic surprises.