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Fans Weigh In On The Miyagi Tactic That Gets Used An Awful Lot In Cobra Kai

In many ways, "Cobra Kai" is a perfect representation of how to utilize nostalgia the correct way. The series draws upon numerous facets of the "Karate Kid" mythos. This extends far beyond bringing back fan-favorite characters like Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). It involves taking into account what lessons the original movies wanted to impart and applying them to a new setting. Decades have passed since the original "Karate Kid" movie came out, but the messages it left behind are more relevant than ever. 

By putting themes front and center, "Cobra Kai" manages to be the sequel "The Karate Kid" has always needed. It allows the show to effortlessly weave callbacks to lines of dialogue and moments without them feeling ham-fisted. It feels natural, and that includes one critical piece of advice from Mr. Miyagi that fans have noticed comes up time and time again throughout the series.

Characters constantly 'no be there' in Cobra Kai

In "The Karate Kid Part II," Mr. Miyagi gives Daniel the following piece of advice: "Remember, best block, no be there." Basically, this means that the best way to defend yourself from a fight is to not be there in the first place. It goes along with Mr. Miyagi's wisdom from the first film, where he was more interested in teaching Daniel how to defend than outright attack. 

As Redditor u/No-Nobody-9551 points out, the idea of avoiding a fight entirely comes up repeatedly throughout "Cobra Kai." They proceed to list nine examples of when this had occurred, including "When Eli and Demitri ran out of the locker room from Kyler and his gang" and "Sam hiding from Tory at the laser tag arena." That doesn't include arguably the best example from the series when in Season 4, "Miyagi fang doesn't show up to fight Cobra Kai at the ball park." This was listed among Collider's six best pieces of Mr. Miyagi advice from "Cobra Kai" Season 4. 

Many were impressed with the observation, and some couldn't help but have a little more fun at the show's expense, offering one more example that may hit a little too close: "Johnny as a father to Robby. BOOM!" Fortunately, if there's anyone who can withstand a bit of good-natured ribbing, it'd be Johnny Lawrence.