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The Office Fans Found This Jim And Pam Decision Incredibly Odd

Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) on "The Office" have become synonymous with true love. That doesn't mean their relationship was perfect or that things were always easy for them, but it does mean they were seemingly destined to be with one another. The two have been through it all, from starting as friends and gently poking fun at each other to getting married at Niagara Falls. They serve as an inspiration to real-life couples who want to be just as cute as them. 

But that doesn't mean people should emulate everything they did. They certainly made their fair share of mistakes viewers should learn from, and there's seemingly one significant oversight that many Redditors have become aware of. In Season 7's "Christening," Jim and Pam have to decide who will be Cece's godparents. They opt for their friend Seth and his wife, much to Michael Scott's (Steve Carell) chagrin, and many have pondered why they chose this couple since we, as the audience, have never seen them before.

Why wouldn't Jim and Pam pick someone they know better?

Redditor u/the_saas_guy kicked off a thread with a picture of the moment Michael finds out who Cece's real godparents will be, along with the caption, "It's weird that Jim and Pam picked this random couple they barely know as Cece's godparents." While we're sure this person would agree Michael shouldn't have been the godfather (for obvious reasons), it still doesn't explain why these two people get the distinction. After all, we've never met them before, and even though they seem nice enough, they're complete strangers as far as we're concerned. 

One user, u/bubbahubbado, points out how the decision is even more bizarre: "It's weird they seemingly chose a couple they just met in mommy and me class- meaning they've known them for very little time." It's possible they hit it off well, but you would still assume they would pick people they've known longer, who offer more stability. Everyone seems to be in agreement that it shouldn't have been someone at Dunder Mifflin, and if anything, it's healthy to show how Jim and Pam have lives outside of their work. 

One person wrote, "I hate it when workplace sitcoms pretend that the only people they would know are the people they work with." It wouldn't make sense to choose a Dunder Mifflin employee as it's entirely possible Jim and Pam won't stay in contact with those people once they move on with their lives. Seth and his wife seem like entirely ordinary, trustworthy people who have probably never hosted an awkward dinner party.