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Will Ferrell Is A Criminal In NSFW Trailer For CBS All Access Comedy No Activity

Will Ferrell is a low level drug dealer in the trailer for his upcoming CBS All Access comedy series No Activity. Ferrell is set to produce the series alongside Adam McKay through Funny or Die, in addition to guest starring. The show is based on the Australian series and looks at the mundane parts of what is supposed to be a high-stakes sting operation against a major drug cartel. 

The show focuses on two low-level cops (Tim Meadows and Patrick Brammall) who have spent too much time together; two criminals who have been kept in the dark; two dispatch workers who don't really get along; and two Mexican tunnelers who are stuck in a very small space together.

The trailer for the series is definitely NSFW, featuring funny turns from Ferrell, Meadows, Brammall, and the show's all-star cast of guest actors, which also include Mark Berry, Arturo Castro, Mackenzie Davis, Bridget Everett, Darren Gilshenan, Travis Guba, Jake Johnson, Sunita Mani, Jason Mantzoukas, Adrian Martinez, Jesse Plemons, Fred Pohl, Alex Rodriguez, Amy Sedaris, J.K. Simmons, Courtenay Taylor, Michaela Watkins, and Daniel Zolghadri.

The show will be the first comedy to debut on CBS' streaming service All Access, which is currently airing the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. The streamer also plays host to The Good Wife spin-off The Good Fight, as well as Big Brother's winter edition Big Brother: Over the Top. Other upcoming series include the dramas $1 and Strange Angel.

No Activity is set to debut on Nov. 12. The first season will consist of eight episodes, which will debut on Sundays.