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The Devastating Death Of Deadliest Catch's Ross Jones

Ross Jones, a greenhorn on "Deadliest Catch," died earlier this year. He leaves behind his girlfriend, Chloe, and their young son.

News of his passing was posted to the Facebook group Deadliest Catch World, which often shares information related to the popular Discovery Channel series. The message read: "Deadliest Catch World is saddened to hear of the passing of Ross Jones formerly from the F/V SAGA. We are sending our Condolences to His Family and Friends and to those who knew him. Fair Winds and Following Seas." In the post's comment section, the fan page went on to mention how they would not share details related to his death out of respect for his family and friends. 

Regardless of how it happened, it's an immense tragedy, both to those who worked with him on the Saga and those who enjoyed watching him on the reality series. Join us as we pay our respects to Jones.

Ross Jones made an impact on all those who worked with him

Facebook wasn't the only place where people paid their respects to the "Deadliest Catch" star. Captain Jake Anderson took to Instagram to post a photo of Jones working on a crab fishing vessel, along with the message: "I loved Ross Jones. He is standing in the green. You made me piss my pants on many occasions. TO VALHALLA!" 

Dozens of fans poured into the comment section to offer their condolences toward Jones' passing. Some of the messages found in the thread include, "One more tough loss, he was one of the good [ones]" and "Very sorry for your loss Jake. Also to your crew, and his family and friends." Ross Jones' final post on social media came on June 18 when he uploaded photos of his girlfriend and son to Facebook to commemorate a trip to the zoo. He wrote, "Needless to say, little man had a blast at the zoo for his 2nd bday. What a handsome curious little fella!"

Our thoughts go out to Jones' family and friends at this time.