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The South Park Characters That Fans Think Should Get Their Own Episode

Some "South Park" fans will never tire of the series' main characters — Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. But some would like to see other characters take the reins and watch an episode or two from a different perspective.

It's not like the show has never attempted to entertain audiences by giving the main cast a break. Some of their efforts to bring other personas to the forefront for their own outing have been better than others. Mr. Hankey, Towelie, Terrance, and Phillip have all gotten solo runs on the series. Even Jimmy Valmer and Butters Stotch were given a chance to run the show with installments such as "Butter's Very Own Episode" and "Erection Day." And then there is the episode titled "Pip" from Season 4, which both of the show's creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, have admitted they do not like very much (via Entertainment Weekly).

It can't be easy deciding which of the best (or worst) "South Park" characters deserve to move up from recurring personality to the star of an episode, and choosing wrong could lead to disaster. But out of all the many possibilities that could give Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny a day off, there is one group of popular fourth graders that fans would like to see get their own episode.

Fans want to see the rise of Craig and the other guys

In the r/southpark subreddit, u/PringIesCan posted an image of Craig Tucker, Clyde Donovan, and Tolkien Black, and stated that the creators should make an episode from the point of view of this particular friend group. Several users agreed that it would be a great idea to watch an episode with Craig and the other guys in the driver's seat. Mimicking Craig and his catchphrase, u/chicken_N_ROFLS wrote, "If they did this I would be soo happy." Meanwhile, u/WaffleSingSong wants more than just a single episode of the gang and added, "I wouldn't mind a whole season based on them. South Park is already moving past the main four slowly, it'll be cool to explore."

It looks like fans aren't the only ones that recognize the potential of the main boys' rival group. The South Park official website has dedicated an entire page to Craig's crew, verifying that they are extremely popular within the franchise's large fanbase. According to the site, there is even a vast amount of fan art and fan fiction based on the gang. In the past, this type of robust response from followers has gotten the creators' attention, like in the infamous "Tweek x Craig" episode (via Collider).

While other characters in the past have gotten their own episodes with mixed results, there is ample evidence to suggest that a Craig and the other guys' chapter could be a winner for "South Park."