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The First Wives Club Role You Likely Forgot Ivana Trump Had

"The First Wives Club" was an immense success when it came out in 1996. The comedy, which follows three women who rekindle their friendship after the death of a friend and bond over having been divorced from their husbands, grossed over $181 million worldwide against a budget of around $30 million (via The Numbers). In fact, it was one of the highest-grossing films of its year, beating out the likes of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Star Trek: First Contact." 

Then again, it's not hard to see why people flocked to the movie theater to check out this comedy. It starred the likes of Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, and Goldie Hawn as the three central women who want retribution against their husbands for leaving them all for younger women. To this day, it's a great bit of fun to watch, complete with some excellent cameos from Kathie Lee Gifford, Gloria Steinem, and Ivana Trump.

Ivana Trump had the signature line of the film

Upon news of the passing of Ivana Trump at the age of 73, it's worth looking back at her film role that only lasted a few seconds but nonetheless made an impact on all who watched it. 

At one point in "The First Wives Club," the three central women run into Ivana Trump, who plays herself, at an event. They stop her momentarily to thank her for showing up, and it's at this point she tells them, "Don't get mad. Get everything." The line became so iconic that it ended up on the poster for the film. In the context of the movie, it serves as inspiration for the other women to do everything within their power to get back at their husbands for leaving them in the first place and serves as a rallying cry for all women who feel as though they've been wronged by the men in their lives.

"The First Wives Club" is the kind of comedy you just don't see very often these days, so it's worth seeking out, especially now.